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I can't redeem my iTunes gift card?

I click on 'Redeem' and it tries to load for a while and then it just stops and nothing happens. I've been trying this over and over fo ... Read more (2 answers)

brain monster
brain m...

Need JAVA programming help.?

It says string cannot be resolved to a type, when I type, string answer. Anyone help? The goal of this is to ask the user if he would like to find out ... Read more (4 answers)


Expert computer techs help please?

I have install ubuntu on my os and I didn't like it but I cant get my windows 7 home premium back please help I press f8 and no safe mode shows a ... Read more (2 answers)


VLC Media Player VS. Windows Media Player?

Which one is better? And why? (details please) ... Read more (4 answers)


One more question about wi-fi for BB 8530...?

OK...When i set up the wi-fi for my home i did something on the BB that i really cant remember how to get to or what the prompts were..but it was some ... Read more (1 answers)


Write a program to display a menu showing options to do operations on a rectangle. The menu should be shown?

CONTINUES OF THE QUESTION =till the user enters 4 to exit. The following options should be shown.On selecting the option accept data from us ... Read more (1 answers)

W R...

Option Group/ Radio Buttons/ MS Access?

I have created an option group (just Frame 53) and inside it there are 3 radio buttons with the names Incomplete, Passed, and Failed. Depending on whi ... Read more (2 answers)

Noh Yoy
Noh Yoy...

Wireless Internet / Adapter Question?

Hi,I recently moved into a place where I have a wireless internet connection.Yesterday morning I woke up to "limited connecti ... Read more (5 answers)

John Wilson
John Wi...

Windows start up virus?

Hi,i was browsing the internet when all of a sudden i was told a .dll file was not available n then that windows wanted to allow setup file ... Read more (2 answers)


Your computer is presenting a problem related to software....?

...would you purchase a remote support service?Remote Support consists in someone taking control of your PC remotely, with your permission, ... Read more (5 answers)

Cheesy Potatoes
Cheesy ...

Does anyone know where i can download free stock footage?

Just need some of some cows grazing or a random funny filler shot to play voice over for a documentary im making. thanks! ... Read more (1 answers)

Ares Olympian
Ares Ol...

How to create a bookmark us?

I have an image I created saying "Bookmark Us" how can I make it so that when a User clicks it they bookmark the website? its in PHP by the ... Read more (2 answers)

Aztha Itha
Aztha I...

Answer me who wants 5 stars?

I download a software from n want 2 open it but i have to download a file 2 open that software, sum1 tell me 2 rename it as ellg.exe then ins ... Read more (3 answers)


Why is my computer startup so slow?

I have a Dell Studio 1158 with:Intel i5-520 @ 2.4GHzATI Mobility Radeon 5470 with 1GB dedicated memory8GB DDR3 RAM ... Read more (5 answers)


Cannot start Windows Vista! Startup Repair Loop?

I am having issues with the Startup Repair continuously looping and it is not letting me open my computer.Once it comes up, it runs to try a ... Read more (1 answers)

Bart Simpson
Bart Si...

How to narrate on windows live movie maker?

I want to know but not windows movie maker i want live because they are two different thing thanks ... Read more (1 answers)


Will computers every be able to solve.....?

3485904385098459873497594759374594759475 hundred million 8347839758937584937584937583758437548437 hundred billion million 94850943859043285904328579 ... Read more (1 answers)


How do I uninstall Questscan?

I was just going through sites looking for a site to watch movies on and I somehow downloaded the questscan search engine (along with a few viruses I ... Read more (1 answers)


GPL v3 Question and game engine?

Hi can I make commercial game white GPL game engine ? ... Read more (1 answers)


Can anybody help tell me if my computer is being hacked?

How hard would it be for someone to hack into a computer that they never have had any access too? We have emailed this person, and have received email ... Read more (4 answers)

Sao S
Sao S...

Copied folder from install disc to computer but no .exe file to run it?

With my new printer comes an installation disc to install the program to use the printer. I copied the contents of that disc (which comes up as a fol ... Read more (2 answers)


How do you double in Minecraft beta?

Okay what I'm talking about is Doubling the items like gold, string , and blocks in Minecraft beta. I could do this in Minecraft Alpha, but not ... Read more (1 answers)

IE Guy
IE Guy...

Where is the Internet Explorer 9 Progress bar?

Where is the IE 9 Progress bar? Microsoft took it out of IE9. There is a third party plugin from this company that you can downl ... Read more (2 answers)

Internal Sunshine

For computer experts, i got a virus, i reinstalled windows 7 and my netbook keeps being unresponsive?

It was working fine when all of a sudden my firewall advised me something was happening, i didn't even have time to read it all windows became un ... Read more (1 answers)



So, i have some secret folders in my laptop. I share my laptop with my school mates, and i dont want them to sneak inside to look at my stuff. So, i n ... Read more (2 answers)


MS-DOS Help.I'm trying to Batch proccess some files ?

I found this script on the web.The problem is that it returns the first part of the filenameIf the file is named "My ... Read more (1 answers)


Which design do you prefer?

We need to create a website for our self catering let, and i was wondering which one is easier to use and which one looks best. they are designed by t ... Read more (3 answers)


How do I transfer Photoshop CS3 from one Mac to another?

Is it even possible?Say I have a new macbook laptop. My current one has CS3 on it - how do I bring that program over to the other laptop? I ... Read more (3 answers)

Dragon Queen
Dragon ...

I want to update software on my macbook, I used "software update"...I NEED HELP!!! I NEED IT FOR UNI!!!?

And it found "Mac OS X Update Combined Version 10.5.8". I download it and even go to the point of restarting my macbook. When it restarted, ... Read more (1 answers)


Music Sites that aren't blocked by my school....? I am from Northeast Alabama right? I need some music sites that aren't blocked by my school because we aren't doing anything in c ... Read more (1 answers)

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