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Pure beauty
Pure be...

Help my computer is annoying me again!?

Okay so i have internet explorer and mozilla firefox.I very stupidly deleted internet explorer because i wanted to download a more modern version.I am ... Read more (5 answers)


Free anti virus protection?

I need a reliable anti virus protection download. Also, as of late, I've had a problem with pop ups. I think I somehow turned my pop up blocker o ... Read more (1 answers)


Best antivirus for windows 7 64bit?

I want a reliable n fast antivirus for my laptop running on windows 7 64bit edition it doesnt have to be free but it has to be good thnx all for the h ... Read more (6 answers)


How easily do the ThinkGeek Force FX Lightsabers break?

I'm getting one for Christmas and I'm sure my brother is going to want to hit stuff with it, and so I was wondering: How easily does it brea ... Read more (2 answers)

Emma B
Emma B...

Desktop icon problem! help please?ŠAll of ... Read more (2 answers)

I'm lying...Muhahahaha!

What to do with 1000gb of space?

So, I bought a 1TB or 1000GB hard drive to backup my computer. But that only took 200 GB, what can I do with the rest of the space.Anything ... Read more (4 answers)

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