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Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick
Mr. Dr....

What should I do on the computer?

I'm in school and need something to do while on the computer. A lot of things are blocked on these computers so yeah, maybe give me a list of fun ... Read more (5 answers)

Ralph Quaranta
Ralph Q...

How to get rid of viruses? Please HELP!?

I hate my computer. It was my mom's old laptop that this guy at the store made "especially for her". It runs like garbage and only has ... Read more (6 answers)

Alex Archinal
Alex Ar...

How do I change the parental settings on my zbox360?

It will not allow me to download the new assassins creed map pack because of the parental setting ... Read more (2 answers)


Why won't my background go transparent?

Using Photoshop Elements - I have a line drawing of clip art - a hot dog. I want to get rid of the white background and make it transparent. I used th ... Read more (2 answers)

M M...

Calculate the duty cycle of a device that typically connects to a network and transmits for 19 ms in every?

How to calculate the duty cycle of a device that typically connects to a network and transmits for 19 ms in every second. ... Read more (0 answers)


Why can't I copy text from this PDF file?

Hi,I want to be able to copy text from this PDF file: ... Read more (2 answers)


If i restart my computer, will I still be able to continue my BitTorrent download?

I'm downloading fifa 11 for PC and so far it's past 60%would it resume download at 60% if I restart my computer? ... Read more (6 answers)


Which one has a faster connection?

(a)54 mbps(b)300 mbps ... Read more (3 answers)


How to connect a rj-45 triple jack?

I was just wondering why when i connect 2 pcs to a rj-45 triple jack both of them wont work , if i unplug one it will work but that doesnt make sense ... Read more (2 answers)


I can't find this website i went to last time?

Before you start saying check your history i did. it's not there which is really weird because i type in all the keywords and pictures i can thin ... Read more (4 answers)

Iron Man's BFF
Iron Ma...

Why does Avast keep freezing while running scans?

It's freezing and scanning really slow. It's not blocking viruses or malware like it used too. It's not finding anything.A fe ... Read more (1 answers)


I know my ipod has a virus, help!!!?

I cant do anything on my ipod touch. It does not run any apps and a popup keeps saying warning, account being hacked itunes password needed etc. Then ... Read more (2 answers)


Which should I get between these two?

I'm looking to buy a 10 foot Ethernet cable to go from my modem to my computer, but I'm not exactly sure which one to buy. I see both a UTP ... Read more (2 answers)


How to keep a footer image at 100% when there is a horizontal scroll bar?

If I have a footer at 100% so it fits the screen, how do I keep it going all the way across when a scroll bar appears? I think the issue is that the 1 ... Read more (1 answers)


Which Macintosh should I get?

Here are some of the main things I do on the computer:Write storiesPlay The Sims 3Play MusicEdit Movies ... Read more (2 answers)


My iPad 2 is frozen! HELP!!!?

My iPad 2 is frozen it wont turn off or recognize it's plugged in the charger. HELP ME!!!! ... Read more (2 answers)


How do you send a command to other peoples command prompts?

I'm wondering if it's possible to send a command and for it to run on someone else's computer on the same network ... Read more (2 answers)

Nathaniel Qin

Adobe Photoshop CS5 How-to?

So I downloaded the trial, and now I'm trying to figure out how to use it. First, I just want to learn how to take someone else's head and p ... Read more (1 answers)


How good is Mackeeper? Other Anti-virus for Mac?

Just as the question mackeeper worth the $40? any other recommendations ? ... Read more (1 answers)


Deleted files within an un-deleted folder? 10 pt answer!?

I am curious how this works:If I delete a file within a folder, then move the folder to a new place (like a pen drive or something) does the ... Read more (3 answers)


Moving a deleted file? 10 pts?

If I delete a file within a folder, then move the folder to a new place (like a pen drive or something) does the deleted fie go to? Or does it stay in ... Read more (2 answers)


I have my own website,i want to create users for my site so that anyone can join my site as member..please gu?

I have my own website,i want to create users for my site so that anyone can join my site as member..please guide me to login page as user and password ... Read more (3 answers)

broken hill phil
broken ...


I have recently tried to compress dvd movie using DVDShrink software ... im able to reproduce the video but not the audio.... what am i doing wrong? ... Read more (1 answers)


How do I make a table in SQL Server only allow four instances of one person to be entered?

I don't want there to be more than 4 of any particular personId associated with buying any one product (if they buy 20 different purchases, then ... Read more (1 answers)


Javascript- how to return an array?

I have a Javascript, Which having 2 functions.. in one function there is an array, a value of 1 or 2 is assigning to all the elements in the array.... ... Read more (1 answers)


Should I worry.....???? What can I do??!!?

I got this wired virus a couple months ago that installed anti-virus programs without asking me. One day this program called "spyware protection& ... Read more (4 answers)


Compare 2 classes of java?

Class x{...}and public class x{...} ... Read more (2 answers)


What is smtp host? and how do i obtain it?

I program a site. and i want to send a message to the user.. now in in the config file.. i put this:<network host="localhost ... Read more (3 answers)


C++ program piggy bank?

Hey guys i`v just started out this program in c++ and i have the structure of it as u can see it below. can anyone help me out to get it to work pleas ... Read more (2 answers)

Havoc and Ruin
Havoc a...

Software for creating remixes?

Whats a cheap preferably free program i can use to create remixes using effects and extend songsi dont want to mix or create songs i just wa ... Read more (1 answers)

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