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I am BE (Computer Tech.), also pursuing CCNA??? expected salary?

My Q. is will the expected (start) salary... also the major companies that hire network engineers?? ... Read more (2 answers)

John Simons
John Si...

Diablo 3 Beta Download?

Anyone knows how to join the Diablo 3 beta or download the beta launcher? ... Read more (1 answers)


Python 3.13: How to make sure the user input is a positive integer?

Hi, I am making a jeopardy game for my computer science class using Python 3.13. At the beginning I will ask the user to input the amount of money the ... Read more (1 answers)


Controling document properties in word vba?

I am trying to make a series of userforms that give the option of editing document properties if they have not been changed. I have this:Pub ... Read more (1 answers)


Is it possible to do this with javascript?

I want to display a huge image (like 1000 x 800 pixels)(in any kind of frame), and whenever the user clicks on it, I want to get the coordinates of wh ... Read more (1 answers)

Mit Chauhan
Mit Cha...

In PHP delete record in mysql database?

Hello .. m working on a dreamweaver and php using wamp server .. in which m making a simple project for my learning purpose .. i have a data ... Read more (3 answers)


Which of these is the best Anti-virus software?

First of all, I'm looking at free downloads.Microsoft Security EssentialAVG Free DownloadAvast Free Download ... Read more (6 answers)


Best dvd maker softwear?

I need a dvd maker softwear that is free, it needs to be able to on the home screen give me the option of about 5 different videos to play and i can c ... Read more (5 answers)


Why does the GregorianCalendar class default to random values in Java?

I'm writing a calendar program and as I am debugging the program I noticed that the compiler has assigned a value of 1, 2 and 5 to YEAR, MONTH, a ... Read more (1 answers)


What free email programs can be used overseas?

I am moving overseas and I have to get rid of my big pond email.What free program can I use? thank you!xx ... Read more (1 answers)


How many popular programming languages exist?

Can someone give me list of programming languages? Like HTML, CSS, Java, and whatever. FREE 10 POINTS! Thank you. ... Read more (3 answers)


How can I highlight something with a black background?

When I highlight something it always gets highlighted in blue is their a way to change it so its black. ... Read more (1 answers)


What programming language are using to make games?

JavaScript, right? I'm not sure, can someone tell me? FREE10 points! ... Read more (4 answers)


Basic question regarding Abobe After Effects?

I have CS5, and for a project, I have gotten a bunch of clips from different sources put together. My question is, how do I make all the clips the sam ... Read more (2 answers)


I was downloading an episode of something, then restarted my computer?

I restarted it because I realized I was downloading the wrong one and I didn't know how to stop it. I want to download the right one, but I can&# ... Read more (2 answers)



I have a netbook - 2GB DDR3 - 320GB - intel ATOM N550 1.5GHz - so what do u think is best for me? - help me out pls - im not a techy type of person th ... Read more (8 answers)

Amber Liz
Amber L...

I Keep Getting Email Scams? How Do I Make Them Stop?

I keep getting these emails saying I want a certain amount of British pounds or something stupid like that and they want my info. Do they think I' ... Read more (5 answers)


What does the E mean in excel?

I got this result 3.66616E-31what does the E represent?helppppppp ... Read more (1 answers)


Why is Windows so slow connecting to a network?

I connect my Windows 7 computer (though my XP is also affected) to my router using a standard Ethernet cable and then sit there while it takes several ... Read more (2 answers)

allow me
allow m...

My hotmail email account has been hacked, help please!?

Hi guys,Basically I'm having problems with a virus and wondered if any of you could help. A few days ago I found that both my Gmail an ... Read more (4 answers)


What are these password cracking techniques?

On the password cracking Wikipedia page ( ... Read more (2 answers)


Volume icon....................... Grrr!?

It has suddenly disappeared from the little bar at the bottom.I went to 'Customize' > 'Turn System Icons On/Off', but ... Read more (1 answers)

black veil bride
black v...

How do I turn my wireless network device on?

I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D 11V and I can't connect to any wireless networks. It says that my wireleas network device is disabled but I don& ... Read more (2 answers)


Avg/virus help please?

I have two viruses, they are currently in a vault but its not enabling me to use the internet on my main laptop account because its obviously infected ... Read more (3 answers)


Is there a free substitute program for Corel Painter?

I'm interested in getting Corel Painter (for Windows) but simply do not have the budget to buy something so expensive. I found free copies of the ... Read more (1 answers)

Heidi Rotman
Heidi R...

Does anyone know a good Site for iFrame?

I am searching for a good iFrame Tutorial site.I want to knwo at iFrames how to modify them.Please tell me something easy. This si ... Read more (2 answers)

Hari Sahota
Hari Sa...

Is here any fast video cutter ?

I try many cutter , but they are not so fast , is here any fast video cutter ... Read more (2 answers)

Hari Sahota
Hari Sa...

Is here any 3gp video converter ? details inside?

I have some videos up to 100 mb , is there any converter that convert videos upto 100 mb in 3gp ... Read more (13 answers)


My Ipod 3G is stuck in a recovery loop, 3194 error. please help?

It had 3.1.3 software, instead of pressing restore, i pressed shift restore and selected my 4.3.3 software which i downloaded. how do i get it out of ... Read more (1 answers)


I'm going to download two 5GB file at the same time, will this effect the files inside?

Usually i only download one file at a time but i thought i might download these two files overnight, i am not sure that this will work successfully th ... Read more (1 answers)

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