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Is there a windows (7) program that will allow me to start typing randomly anywhere to google stuff on thespot?

Im tinking something like android phones with physical keyboards that when you start typing in the launcher without being on a text box it pull up goo ... Read more (1 answers)

Dakshak Nagrale

How to boot Windows 7 if it is hot shown in Dual boot system.?

Hi friendsI have an problem.I was first having Windows 7 installed on my PC but one week ago I then installedinstalled Windows XP ... Read more (5 answers)

Richard M

Why, when I Use the "Opera" Browser?

To access a certain financial site, do I get the message "XML Parsing Failed", but when I use the "Firefox" browser I do not? ... Read more (3 answers)


What does the hash sign mean in this sum?

A % (B # C) = (A % B) # (A % C) ... Read more (2 answers)


How to write a XML code to this simple table?

How to write a xml for a table which has 2 rows and 2 columns<tr><td>cat</td><td>dog</td></tr > ... Read more (3 answers)


Where can I find a FREE voice changer?

Are there any FREE downloadable voice changer effects? I am trying to make my voice sound like a females just to mess around with people...Is there an ... Read more (1 answers)

Hassan Mughal
Hassan ...

Excel Calculation | I want to know the formula which returns the answer about 'formula or number'?

I want to know the formula which returns the answer about 'formula or number'ExampleA1 = 10A2 = 2if ... Read more (1 answers)


C++: unexpected outcome from division of integers, any idea why?

Hey all.I am using the code::blocks IDE with mingw.ok the problem here is:let's say u write this( IOstream & st ... Read more (3 answers)

Chase Jak
Chase J...

How would you create/edit videos?

Ya, Me and a fried are looking into maybe creating a vlog type deal with him in the video and a cartoon type character to go with him. Does anyone kno ... Read more (5 answers)

kasidi armstrong
kasidi ...

Why isn't Tumblr loading?

Whenever I got to tumblr today, all I see is the Error page ... Read more (2 answers)



Now everyone is getting messages saying that phase one was complete last night. That was when people were getting creepy messages. Today the "fac ... Read more (1 answers)


Mac wants to Update - Not Sure if it's Legit?

I just received a message that there is a software that wants to install called 'Mac Protector Installer' but I don't know if this is a ... Read more (2 answers)


If someone gets your hotmail password?

Can they hack all your accounts that are linked to it? Like facebook and stuff?My friend got ALL her accounts hacked, she got facebook back, ... Read more (1 answers)

John K
John K...

Do you VERIFY using powerISO burner?

Whats the point of verifying. Whats the DIFF between verifying and not verifying? ... Read more (2 answers)


Consequences of downloading photoshop illegally?

I downloaded the free trial for Adobe Photoshop cs5 and once it installed, there were two options. One was to enter a serial number from a purchased s ... Read more (3 answers)


What is a wireless ethernet adapter?

Hopefully its this--- my room is upstairs away from the internet thing so i get 2/5 bars of internet. downstairs i get 5/5 and i am getting a desktop ... Read more (2 answers)


Getting a lot of messages "Internet Explorer has stopped working"?

The messages pop up, say they are looking for solutions, then another one says it has stopped working. The tab closes and then immediately pops back u ... Read more (1 answers)


Any Video Converter not working for me. Help?

My sister is doing a Physics video and she was trying to convert it on her computer, well I don't know what converter she has, but it wasn't ... Read more (2 answers)


Question about networks and end systems?

Alright, if different end systems are all on the same network do they ALWAYS have a different IP address? ... Read more (2 answers)

Nick Razzleflamm
Nick Ra...

Is there any IE6/7 compatibility patch for IE9?

Is there any site compatibility patch for internet explorer 9 so that it can support old sites that supports only IE6 and Firefox 3.6? My dad needs it ... Read more (1 answers)

I'll keep evolving

HTML coding problems, HELP!?

1) I'm trying to make a section with a title and a list under it that should look EXACTLY like:My Favorite Music ... Read more (1 answers)


How do I use CamStudio for a project i made on gimp?

I made a slide show on gimp and went to filters-animation-playback and i found a song on youtube that the slide show is timed to, so i can't have ... Read more (2 answers)

Naomi L
Naomi L...

"Win 7 Anti-Spyware 2011 ALERT" came up on my laptop. I can't use the internet! HELP!?

Ok, so I clicked on a photo on google images while looking for a photo for a project.Then like 10 things opened all called "Win 7 Anti- ... Read more (3 answers)

Just Tristan
Just Tr...

Can Microsoft word type what you say?

I heard it can? but i cant find it in anywhere in Microsoft word, if it helps i have windows 7 year old laptop, the program i have is called Microsoft ... Read more (3 answers)


Windows live photo gallery question.?

I have a dell and when i upload my photos they go to windows live photo gallery. if you want to edit the photo you click on fix and a list of editing ... Read more (1 answers)

Kenya Taylor
Kenya T...

How do I know when I can recycle a computer component, and when it's safe to throw it out?

I know I'm supposed to recycle a monitor, but I can throw out I hard drive. Or is that the other way? How do you know what's safe to put i ... Read more (1 answers)

Delilah Rain

What are some free picture editing/photoshop websites?????????????????

I would prefer not to download anything but i will if there is a totally free program, just a totally free website where i can upload pictures and edi ... Read more (1 answers)

Kylee Swedo
Kylee S...

Windows Movie Maker File Help!?

I want to upload the video i made on windows movie maker to youtube and facebook but the file has to be wmv but windows makes the file wlmp how do i c ... Read more (2 answers)


Windows 7 Professional 32 bit to 64 bit upgrade purchasable?

I used a student offer to buy a 32-bit version of Windows 7 Professional for my aging PC, but I was going to build a new one to get past the 4GB barri ... Read more (4 answers)


Can't get into safe mode on Vista, help?

Okay, so I've tried two methods, I've tried the F8 crap about 10 times, doesn't work. Then I tried this msconfig thing, and I couldn� ... Read more (2 answers)

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