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Is this a bad computer?

Is there something i can add to it to make it better..or do i need a new one completely..oh i want a gaming computer.cel ... Read more (6 answers)


Design an algorithm to ¬nd all the prime factors of a number (as often as they appear in the actual number)?

For example, for the input value12, your algorithm should report the values 2, 2, and 3. ... Read more (2 answers)


What were the list of games that came with Windows 98?

Specifically I'm looking for a game that had a boy with blonde hair who had to get through levels by collecting keys (to unlock the level). He s ... Read more (4 answers)


Is python a good language to learn after Java?

I'm about to start taking classes for computer science in fall 2012 (estimated date). The language that I'll be mainly using is Java (I' ... Read more (2 answers)


Is there still the Avast boot scan feature?

I know there was when I was running 4.8. Does the newest version still have the feature? ... Read more (2 answers)


Renamed system32 file, and now i cant rename it again back to original name?

Ok, i asked some mins ago question about replacing that, but now i dont care about that anymore.I have this new problem now!So i r ... Read more (2 answers)


Why is my computer restarting itself?

After about 15 minutes, my PC just shuts off and restarts. What on earth is going on? ... Read more (2 answers)


Would it harm my computer if i disabled resident shield in avg?

I need to turn if off so i can open wpe pro but i just checked and my antivirus is still turnt on but will i still get viruses if resident shield is d ... Read more (2 answers)

Avengeful Mud

How to uninstall Ubuntu after installing it alongside Windows?

I went to go to install ubuntu on a separate partition today but when I clicked the other option I though I could just choose a partition and go but I ... Read more (2 answers)


Batch image link creator?

I need a little application or program to make bulk image links. I am making a gallery for my site and I just want it to be simple. Don't want ... Read more (1 answers)


Where to program: United States vs United Kingdom?

Hi everyone!I should be posting this in the Education & Reference section, but they probably won't help me over there. Anyway, ... Read more (2 answers)


Windows Live Movie Maker, how to download songs to your computer? (without cd, or itunes)?

So you know when you make a video on windows movie maker, and the only music you can add is the default music/sample music?How do you add more, please ... Read more (1 answers)


Whats wrong with my computer?

Whenever i try to play games or when i have alot of programs open the fan starts to go crazy and starts making loud noises and then my computer just s ... Read more (6 answers)


Is a safe website ?

Has anyone bought anything from this website?is fraud web site ?thanks in advance ! ... Read more (1 answers)


Putting a GIF as my background?

I can't seem to figure out how to do it!. I mean i can put it on, but it won't move! can someone please help me out? Thanks a lot ... Read more (1 answers)

Dirty Jack
Dirty J...

Java Repaint problems?

I'm basically making a program that will play a song and then have images in a JPanel that are coordinated with the song. I got the music fine, a ... Read more (1 answers)


Wireless Connection crashes too often?

I bought Sony Vaio VPCEF44FX few weeks ago and I started noticing that my wireless connection shuts down. The only way to make it work is turn off and ... Read more (2 answers)


Difference between mobile & web app?

Hi plz ans this fastcan u tell me what is mobile application & what is mobile based applicationm having confusion as even web ... Read more (2 answers)


How to stop a hacker on Yahoo Mail?

I noticed the "recent login activity" link in the yahoo account settings. so I clicked on it out of curiosity, and there was some entries fr ... Read more (3 answers)

Patrick Johnston

Please help with this C programming problem !!?

How can I write this program in C?(not C++)?I realize this is a lot to ask of someone, but here it is:Write a program that asks th ... Read more (1 answers)


How to format my personal computer?

Vires is in my pc and i want load window 7 ... Read more (5 answers)

Kamps Lome
Kamps L...

Need help with converting a video into mp4 format?

Hello. I was trying to convert a video download from youtube to mp4 for my ipad, but keeps failing when about 97-99% to complete. The converter just f ... Read more (15 answers)

Patrick Johnston

Please help with this C programming problem !!?

I realize this is a lot to ask of someone, but here it is:Write a program that asks the user for the name of a file which contains a list li ... Read more (1 answers)


Windows picture and fax viewer BIG problem? when i download pics i received in my hotmail acc this program?

This program views every picture i ever opened before?what is going on with this windows picture and fax viewer program or my e-mail and ho ... Read more (1 answers)

curious george

How do you open a zip file on windows vista?

Please, do not insult me by saying double click the file, or right click and go to extract all. I'm not stupid, if any of that worked, I would no ... Read more (2 answers)


How can I get a free web-page with?

How can I get a free url with a web-page or link? I am trying to get a site because employers look for you to have one or set up a blog f ... Read more (5 answers)


MS Office 2007 or 2010?

I'll be starting an MOS training class in a few weeks and the class gives me the option to earn certification in Microsoft 2007 [or] Microsoft 20 ... Read more (2 answers)


When I try to turn my computer on it says system battery voltage low?

It's a pretty old dell computer, I just switched it to an SSD but I don't see how that could be affecting it's battery voltage? I' ... Read more (4 answers)

Fatal Krouzer
Fatal K...

How to make a video's size smaller?

I edited a 8 minute video using Sony Vegas Pro 10 and then I rendered it to 1080p. I want to upload it to YouTube but it's going to take 7000 min ... Read more (4 answers)


Am I doing the variables right ( c++) ?

// first c++ program using variables #include <iostream>using namespace std; int main (){cout ... Read more (2 answers)

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