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What should I do with all of these brand new cables?

Well i have hundreds and hundreds of brand new Belkin patch cables in the bag. I listed a lot of stuff on eBay and that got me nowhere. I only got pro ... Read more (1 answers)


One more question about wi-fi for BB 8530...?

OK...When i set up the wi-fi for my home i did something on the BB that i really cant remember how to get to or what the prompts were..but it was some ... Read more (1 answers)

Noh Yoy
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Wireless Internet / Adapter Question?

Hi,I recently moved into a place where I have a wireless internet connection.Yesterday morning I woke up to "limited connecti ... Read more (5 answers)

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Calculate the duty cycle of a device that typically connects to a network and transmits for 19 ms in every?

How to calculate the duty cycle of a device that typically connects to a network and transmits for 19 ms in every second. ... Read more (0 answers)


Which one has a faster connection?

(a)54 mbps(b)300 mbps ... Read more (3 answers)


How to connect a rj-45 triple jack?

I was just wondering why when i connect 2 pcs to a rj-45 triple jack both of them wont work , if i unplug one it will work but that doesnt make sense ... Read more (2 answers)


Which should I get between these two?

I'm looking to buy a 10 foot Ethernet cable to go from my modem to my computer, but I'm not exactly sure which one to buy. I see both a UTP ... Read more (2 answers)


How do you send a command to other peoples command prompts?

I'm wondering if it's possible to send a command and for it to run on someone else's computer on the same network ... Read more (2 answers)


I am BE (Computer Tech.), also pursuing CCNA??? expected salary?

My Q. is will the expected (start) salary... also the major companies that hire network engineers?? ... Read more (2 answers)


Why is Windows so slow connecting to a network?

I connect my Windows 7 computer (though my XP is also affected) to my router using a standard Ethernet cable and then sit there while it takes several ... Read more (2 answers)

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How do I turn my wireless network device on?

I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D 11V and I can't connect to any wireless networks. It says that my wireleas network device is disabled but I don& ... Read more (2 answers)

kasidi armstrong
kasidi ...

Why isn't Tumblr loading?

Whenever I got to tumblr today, all I see is the Error page ... Read more (2 answers)


What is a wireless ethernet adapter?

Hopefully its this--- my room is upstairs away from the internet thing so i get 2/5 bars of internet. downstairs i get 5/5 and i am getting a desktop ... Read more (2 answers)


Question about networks and end systems?

Alright, if different end systems are all on the same network do they ALWAYS have a different IP address? ... Read more (2 answers)


Wireless Connection crashes too often?

I bought Sony Vaio VPCEF44FX few weeks ago and I started noticing that my wireless connection shuts down. The only way to make it work is turn off and ... Read more (2 answers)

Marissa ®

Please help with connection problem- 10 points?

There's 2 computers in my house- mine is a laptop (new),internet connection has never been a problem until i got the laptop. at best there would ... Read more (3 answers)


I just made a skype account (read description)?

I am looking for girls to talk to that are around 13 ... Read more (2 answers)

Paul Sweet
Paul Sw...

What's the meaning of G3 and 3G times?

I know it's used on mobile phone. I want know the specific mean. Thanks. ... Read more (1 answers)


Pre-Paid Wifi or even stealing someones?

I often travel to my grandparents house and they dont have wifi or any internet connection. All the local internet connections are locked. Is there a ... Read more (1 answers)


Is this a lan, network or subnet?

If you have four buildings all close together and all for are part of the same company.Would each building be a network and then all four ma ... Read more (4 answers)

Tommy Dillinger
Tommy D...

Does anyone know anything about this?

Does anyone work from home ? If yes what do you do ?I heard there are online telemarketing places that will hire you. (Is this tru ... Read more (1 answers)

Person :)
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Is WEP connection bad to switch to?

I have a different kind of connection on my router but I wanna play pokemon on my DSi and it says it only takes WEP connection. Is it really not safe ... Read more (2 answers)


What do long-distance network cables look like?

I'm looking for a picture of long-distance network cables (like... for the lnternet or telephone). I think they're called trunk lines. Are t ... Read more (1 answers)


How do telcos make sure that nobody damages long-distance network cables?

Like if there was some guy in rural Wyoming that wanted to cut a trunk line, could he just climb up a telephone pole and cut it, or are they mostly bu ... Read more (2 answers)


Facebook password problem?

Okay basically, I got hacked by this girl and she changed my password on my facebook. So I tried to reset my password , But when I tried it came up wi ... Read more (3 answers)


Can my employer see when I log onto my OWA account from home?

I work from home using my own ISP and I occasionally log onto my work email account to see if there are any new emails before I log in the day before. ... Read more (2 answers)

Huiy Vgh
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How to watch NHL hockey playoffs live streaming over the internet in good quality ?

How to watch NHL hockey playoffs live streaming over the internet in good quality ? ... Read more (1 answers)


Wireless Internet Problems?

Okay, so I have an HP laptop, and my family just got a new router yesterday. We set it up and my laptop connected to the wireless fine, but yesterday ... Read more (1 answers)

Shannon W

Anyone else get this email?

Ok so I received an email today with the headline [suggested spam] from a girl called rosla or rosela wanting to "get to know me better" App ... Read more (1 answers)


Subnets, masks, host address and broadcast address?

First, I'm very confused when it comes to subnets. Does anyone have any good reading material that's simple? I'm usually caught in a se ... Read more (1 answers)

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