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How do I block a Hamachi IP from coming onto my network?

How can I block a Hamachi IP from coming onto my network? I don't want to block new incoming people but I just want to block this ONE particular ... Read more (1 answers)

Shannon W

HELP! How do I recover deleted emails from my AOL account?

I accidentally deleted an important email from my account,even from the recently deleted box! How can i get it back please? ... Read more (3 answers)

Michael Behm

Whats wrong with my internet?

I try to connect to wired Internet with my plastation 3 but everytime I test the connection it says "an error occurrd during communication with t ... Read more (3 answers)


How do I repair this problem on my laptop?

When I try to open up Microsoft Word Starter 2010 this comes up...Microsoft Word Starter 2011 cannot be opened. Try again or repair the prod ... Read more (2 answers)

Marko Rimac
Marko R...

Why does my internet disconnecting when my phone rings.?

I am on internet, everything is fine until my phone si not ring, but when it ring my internet disconnects. Then I go crazy. Can anyone help me, please ... Read more (4 answers)

The Holy Angel
The Hol...

Internet Fast but Slow? o.O?

Okay, well here is my problem. Just recently I've been finding that my internet sometimes goes slow, but then goes fast again. Here are some thin ... Read more (2 answers)

Canadian Aussie

Advantages and disadvantages of an upgraded wireless network?

Like someone upgrading their networktake into account speed of network, data transfer rates and reliability ... Read more (2 answers)


How can I get my qwest DSL in multiple rooms?

I have Qwest DSL service and two desktops in my house, the 1st desktop is right next to my Qwest modem, while my other one is about 50ft away in anoth ... Read more (3 answers)

John Mastbrook
John Ma...

What is USB mass-storage device? Is my girlfriend spying on me?

There is this icon on the bottom right of my windows xp that USB mass-storage device. I always close it because it sounds sketchy. Should I be worrie ... Read more (6 answers)


If i get a wireless router, do i still have to pay some fee for something?

Im considering buying a laptop with built in wifi. so i thought awesome just buy the laptop. but then i found out that i hafta have the wifi connected ... Read more (5 answers)


Change the ip on my computer?

Okay so I have two computers and I want to change the ip address on one but not the other. I complete offers online to make money and if u change your ... Read more (3 answers)


Question about the osi layers?

User addressing involves the use of text addresses, e.g., IP addresses are bit strings however. How are text addresses res ... Read more (2 answers)

Cloud Strife
Cloud S...

I have to reset my internet adapter to get online.?

Every time I log onto my desktop I have to go into my internet settings to disable and then re-enable my internet adapter. At first it shows one home ... Read more (1 answers)


Should i get Facebook?

I don't know why but i've been avoiding getting Facebook for the last few years. However lately everyone is telling me to get it so i will s ... Read more (3 answers)


OpenOffice question....?

For school we are supposed to create a resume using a resume template in either word or open office. Typically I would use word, but my computer that ... Read more (1 answers)


Please rephrase by using in another sentence?

I Hate You, Everyone Does... With A Passion.(:i don't get it? ... Read more (5 answers)


How to connect my laptop using WiFi with a wired broadband internet connected PC.?

My pc is connected with wired broadband internet connection through a adsl modem..I wana connect my laptop with pc through wifi.. so that i ... Read more (3 answers)


How to solve this error in HSDPA connection?

I have a Huawei HSDPA modem and I use mobile partner as the software, my operating system is XP-SP2. When I connect to the internet using the above de ... Read more (1 answers)

Jose R
Jose R...

For the first time in 6 years I don't have wifi ):?

I need suggestions in what to do to replace my past hobbies of social networking "/ ... Read more (2 answers)

Mr. Questions
Mr. Que...

Verizon broadband question?

Currently my fios plan is a 15/5 speed in megabytes. How ever when I take a speed test i only get about 10/2, i tried it on multiple sites and it is a ... Read more (1 answers)

Ben Anderton
Ben And...

How to change starting browser?

I downloaded imesh and before that whenever i open google chrome it comes up with google now it comes up with imesh search. And when i open a new tab ... Read more (1 answers)

webjump... or /24. subnetting question?

How did they come upon /24 what does the 24 mean? also 2555.255.255.128 means /25 same what does it mean? ... Read more (3 answers)

Joy Siysefy
Joy Siy...

How to watch Rugby games live streaming over the internet with high quality ?

How to watch Rugby games live streaming over the internet with high quality ? ... Read more (1 answers)

Robert Kelley
Robert ...

Do all desktops need a modem?Which are the best brands.?

I'm looking at alienware's desktops and didn't know if i needed one. ... Read more (3 answers)


Can anyone recommend a replacement Network Card?

I am about to order a replacement for a network card that no longer works. The PC in question is several years old, uses Windows XP etc. And the non f ... Read more (2 answers)


How do I make my Dsi have internet?

Ok, so we just got a new laptop with a NETGEAR wireless router. I've been trying to get it to work but it won't. It says that my connections ... Read more (2 answers)


My new computer wont connect to any wifi? please help?

I baught a pretty cheap lenovo laptop yesterday. I called got internet for my room and it connected just fine for about 15 minutes, while I was in the ... Read more (26 answers)


How to make an Apache Server using Linux?

Hi I am using linux debian on an old imac g3. I have gotten the web server up to a point where I can see the 'It Works' page but now what? I ... Read more (1 answers)

Billy G
Billy G...

How to ping devices that arn't directly connected?

These are real genuine newbie questions.- What can be added to the network so that devices that are not directly connected can ping each oth ... Read more (1 answers)

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