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Joseph Miranda
Joseph ...

Wireless Adaptar vs Wireless Card?

I tried my laptop's wireless adaptar USB on my desktop. It worked,but the computer's speed was super SLOW! Would a wireless card be better.. ... Read more (2 answers)

Axe Man
Axe Man...

I need wireless network help?

I have a dell 1555 and it won't wirelessly connect in fact it won't even search for wireless signals all that comes up is the symbol to the ... Read more (2 answers)

Colonel Angus

Skype Servers Down Today? Connection Problems?

Both me and a business partner in another state are having Skype connection problems today. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the software ... Read more (4 answers)

Bernardo Ribeiro

What is the password I need to type when I want to open my NAT?

I know that first I need to put my IP adress, then it says i need to write a username and a password, knowing that the username is admin what is the p ... Read more (2 answers)


Is the LAN light supposed to be on?

Im a little technologicly challanged, so be nice in your answers please. I got a Netgear N150 from comcast and set it up yesterday, and when ... Read more (4 answers)

Tim None
Tim Non...


When i connect my wireless router (i got wpa security and a passcode)to ipod touch will my connection stay locked for no one else to use it? ... Read more (3 answers)


I need definitions for the following types of virus worms.?

O Email wormso Instant messaging wormso IRC wormso File-sharing networks wormso Internet wormsWhat a ... Read more (2 answers)

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