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Alberto Orsini Hernandez

Should I assign a static IP address to each device on my local network?

I find that when I connect with different devices such as the Wii, the iPad and a Windows netbook the internet connectivity is affected throughout. I ... Read more (3 answers)


How to remove dvd write protection?

A tool maybe ?? ... Read more (3 answers)

Csufe Iusiyfe
Csufe I...

Looking for a good way to watch NBA playoffs live streaming online with good quality ?

Looking for a good way to watch NBA playoffs live streaming online with good quality ... Read more (2 answers)

Tom Kaulitz Girl
Tom Kau...

Is there any other social networking sites?

Besides Myspace and Facebook.I know there is My year book, Hifi something like that, and a few other blog stuff, But anything that you can t ... Read more (3 answers)


How to connect wirelessly through a wireless router?

My roommates wireless system is set up through a wireless router in the living room. I'm.trying to connect wirelessly from a recently purchased r ... Read more (3 answers)


How is there enough IP addresses for everyone?

If each computer has to have a unique IP address, how are there enough to address all of the computers in the world that are hooked up to the Internet ... Read more (6 answers)

Sebastien Head

Please help! When i want to play a LAN game on The Settlers it just won't find my other computer!?

I have entered all of the IP adresses into the network configuration and it STILL won't find my friend on the LAN game. I have plugged both of th ... Read more (1 answers)


What is a good email adress for me containing the things i want?

I want my email to contain something with ms.melie in it.... unfortunately, was taken ... Read more (2 answers)



Any possible way to reduce it other than changing my connection is 1mbps but is still have a high ping........... ... Read more (2 answers)


Netflix problem how do i solve this? it says this.?

Though you are able to add DVDs to your queue, your account does not currently allow for movies to be shipped to you Please speak with the account own ... Read more (1 answers)


How do I reset my Tumblr theme ?

I want to change it back to it's original.. where's it all blue-ish. Like when you first make a tumblr theme. ... Read more (1 answers)

Landin Briggs
Landin ...

What do I need to set up a wireless computer connection?

The internet connection on my laptop computer is wireless and it has stopped working. Is there an good product that will work for this problem. I rea ... Read more (2 answers)


Not able to share between Windows 7 and Macbook?

Hi,I have 3 computers running windows 7 and sharing is fine between the 3 and now i just bought a macbook and i have spent so much time on i ... Read more (1 answers)

Austin White
Austin ...

How can i port forward easily?!!!?

Ive gone onto my ip's website and port forwarded there, ive done it in my windows firewall advanced settings, ive used separate programs to port ... Read more (1 answers)

Austin White
Austin ...

PORT FORWARDING IS A B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ive gone onto my ip's website and port forwarded there, ive done it in my windows firewall advanced settings, ive used separate programs to port ... Read more (2 answers)


My wireless router wont let me connect to the internet?

I have an linksys e2000 , its connected to my computer wired and connected to my sister laptop wireless. It wont let any connect to the internet , but ... Read more (2 answers)

Daniel Lynch
Daniel ...

Im having trouble with uploading on youtube please help?

Im trying to upload a simple 2.12k file its says its a WLPM (dont know if ive spelt it right) and im trying to convert it into a format thats easy to ... Read more (3 answers)

411 Sponge
411 Spo...

I can't find the Ethernet controller driver so if I install a WLAN would that work?

I have a HP d220 MT w/ windows XP pro and can't find the ethernet driver...the 1 on HP's website is not the correct one (imagine that) but a ... Read more (4 answers)

Wally Walnuts
Wally W...

Verizon Fiber Optics install?

Just wondering about something that doesn't make sense. I live in a rural area around 2 years ago (after the big govt. stimulis was passed) veriz ... Read more (2 answers)

Anthony Picaso

What do i do if i accidentally deleted my realtek network adaptor?

Yeah, I was clearing some out my disc space but I accidentally deleted my realtek adapter. I have an HP notebook with microsoft windows 7 starter vers ... Read more (1 answers)

Meeka Sughaiyer
Meeka S...

Macbook users? Downloading problem?

So i just bought my macbook 2 weeks ago and i wanna download the vlc player and and the blue lines is moving fast but not downloading.. Is there anyth ... Read more (1 answers)


IP Address Conflitct. I have 2 computers, One having vista while other has xp 2002 service pack 1. Usually bot?

Usually both are used at the same for the internet. But it ocassionaly happens that my one computer does not browse and gives the message "IP Add ... Read more (2 answers)


Will my Laptop having Wireless-N card will be able to connect Wireless-B router?

Consider the following situation:I have a Wireless-B Router at my home..(Linksys BEFW11S4).And I will be purchasing a laptop that ... Read more (5 answers)


Would internet work at another house?

Would my verizon internet box work at a different house?My dad is going to washington for a week and i have to go to my grandmas.I ... Read more (2 answers)

Beejster ious

Can someone recommend a good computer repair place in calgary? I need to have someone come onsite to my home.?

I need to have someone come to my home and also to my office downtown... They need to be reliable and fast to respond. Am new in the City and dont wan ... Read more (2 answers)


My phone won't connect with my computer x?

I have a Sony Ericsson T715, and I took quite a few pictures with it, so I went to plug it in with my USB cord, but only a little white sign on my pho ... Read more (3 answers)

tHe oNE aIDeN LovER
tHe oNE...


I finaly got wifi in the house my laptop and another wifi electronics work but my Old Dell doesn't work because its used to be ruining on high sp ... Read more (4 answers)


Any Standards defined by IEEE?

I just need to know about the standard by IEEE? Thanks ... Read more (2 answers)

Humza Qureshi
Humza Q...

I need to find a 10 megabit + internet service in my area?

Heres my address2605 Meadowshire Rd. Galena Ohio 43021I cant find any provider that offers it here in my area. Can you guys help? ... Read more (1 answers)


No networking Paleeze!! Just want to give 3 computers cable access.?

I have the router connected to two laptops and a desktop computer. The problem is that I am not savvy enough to setup the computers independently so ... Read more (2 answers)

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