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Callum Weller
Callum ...

What is the best way to access or view a pc on the same wifi network?

I have a mac but it can run windows if necessary,shall i use a remote connection ip viewer etc ?also every thing i try requires a physical n ... Read more (2 answers)


Can a router protect someone from MAC theft?

My connection is by UTP wired cable fiber link and some people who knows how to get IP address and MAC get a list of it and use it to get free interne ... Read more (2 answers)


Codes underneath wireless router?

I'm looking for my security key, I don't have the box or the paper work it came with but under neat my router there are a bunch of different ... Read more (1 answers)

food eater
food ea...

Is it possible for someone to collect private information if you use a second-hand wireless router...?

...if you use a secondhand wireless router they gave to you? ... Read more (5 answers)

Joel Jones
Joel Jo...

Eny one have a list of usb wifi cards that work with backtrack4 or 3 or auditor?

Im looking for a list of usb wifi cards that are compatible with backtrack and or auditor Linux OSbesides Netgear Wg111v2 ... Read more (1 answers)


How do I find someones IP Address?

There have been problems with haters hacking fan accounts on twitter and tweeting from them a most of the time deleting them. ... Read more (2 answers)

That Guy
That Gu...

Megavideo Connection Problem. PLEASE HELP!?

Hello, recently I haven't been able to watch any videos on megavideo, they all say connection problem.Can anyone help me? ... Read more (1 answers)


What Wordpress domain plan is best for me?

I am starting a podcast. I will need a custom domain name ( and I want to use the podpress pluggin. What is the cheapest way I can do ... Read more (3 answers)

Abhishek Chaudhary

If a kit works well with laptop then will it surely work with pc.?

Actually i want to know if a datacard which is made for laptop will work with pc or not ... Read more (3 answers)


How do our PCs verify our usernames and passwords?

If we were to log into our own computer, our own computer will compare what we typed with our usernames and password stored in the computer. If they a ... Read more (1 answers)

Uncle Pennybags
Uncle P...

Can a DSL wireless gateway be used as an ordinary wireless router?

So I've got an AT&T Wireless Gateway for my DSL service. If I switch to cable internet, can I use the wireless gateway as a wireless router, ... Read more (1 answers)

Adam Dodds
Adam Do...

Why has my wireless internet stopped working?

Hello,I've been with TalkTalk for some time now, and i have a netgear v4 router, about 2 weeks ago my wireless would go on and off at f ... Read more (4 answers)


How can i get more followers on twitter?

I only have 24 followers and the people i know dont use twitter. does anyone know how i can get more followers so i dont feel like im talking to myse ... Read more (4 answers)


Laptop wifi not accepting network key?

Hey we're with sky and have a wireless router. There are two laptops in the house and an xbox 360 which are all wireless. Up until now everything ... Read more (3 answers)

Theise Group
Theise ...

Can I connect two printers via usb to two different PC's via a USB hub?

Hi FolksThe printers are not network capable (no ether net port) ,I have two PC's in adjoining offices --can I connect both printers to ... Read more (3 answers)


Question about negative feedback on Ebay?

I sell some of my used college textbooks on Ebay and this company apparently ordered a textbook from me. I sent it out the exact same day. They are no ... Read more (2 answers)


For high speed internet, is hard wiring always better than wireless? Is wireless home network easier to hack?

I'm getting cable internet, and we have 2 computers in the apartment, in different rooms.I could have the cable line run into 2 rooms, ... Read more (7 answers)


How do we set up a Linux Server?

We all know in a Linux network, there is no domain controller, but a number of servers, a number of workstations and a LDAP installed PC.How ... Read more (2 answers)


In our house we got a new router, how come my laptop can't see the other devices anymore?

I didn't change any network setting such as "network discovery" or and sharing options. We just got a new router, made a new network, w ... Read more (1 answers)


Do "INCREMENTAL backups" backup changes to: "folder tree"? OR will deleted folders/files come back to haunt us?

Should I run a FULL backup every time I intentionally delete folders/files??... (I'm concerned that those deleted folders/files will reappear af ... Read more (1 answers)


Getting disconnected from Talk Talk?

Currently with Talk Talk for phone and broadband.Our broadband works perfectly for six months or so with no problems and no disconnections, ... Read more (3 answers)


Help with wireless connection?

Hi!today i pulled out my old dell desktop and i was trying to hook it up to the internet and it has a built in wireless modem thing to the b ... Read more (2 answers)

Lynn Lynn
Lynn Ly...

How do I remove the password of router and change settings?

At my home,i m using dlink N150 router.It worked fine but one day,my cousin's laptop can't connect so he changed network name "dlink&qu ... Read more (3 answers)


Help with a user name?

I'm making a youtube account, I need help choosing a username. Any suggestions? My name is Indi All i've come up with is ... Read more (3 answers)

Jacob Gift
Jacob G...

How to give ONLY paying customers access to internet.?

I am creating a internet cafe/Hangout/Gamer Zone type of business where customers bring their own laptop computers in and lounge with internet access ... Read more (5 answers)


Utorrent download speed is relatively low?

My regular internet download speed is 10 Mbps so roughly 10 000 kbps. In utorrent (look it up), my download speed never goes over 200 kbps... Why is i ... Read more (3 answers)


How can I make my computer always connect to my wireless connection? I have to do it manually...?

...every time.I check the boxes that ask if you want to always use this connection, but when I turn the computer off and come back later, it ... Read more (2 answers)


How start installation of ubuntu?

I've just downloaded ubuntu 10.10 from the internet...i need to know the steps to start the installation! do i start and how long will it ta ... Read more (2 answers)


Why can't i connect to

Can someone please help. I was able to login fine yesterday and yesterday night but this morning(Feburary 26th 2011) I have tried to connect and it sa ... Read more (3 answers)

Jamison Lau

Question in networking?

I am currently taking up ccna1,i am at the subnetting part.just wondering what is LAN and WAN compared to FastEthernet and Serial? ... Read more (2 answers)

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