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DeviantART Can you check who you watch?

I've had an account there for some time and I'm trying to find the page of someone whose art I really like so I can show it to one of my fri ... Read more (1 answers)

Mitchie Foreever

Any other Websites that isn't Facebook?

Okaay, Is there anything other than Facebook & MySpace.Okaay I have A Sketchfu & w.e. But Uqh boring. Any other sites ... Read more (5 answers)

Hunter Brooks
Hunter ...

Social website like facebook, myyearbook but more like myspace?

These websites are just getting old please help me find something new ... Read more (1 answers)


Why is down?

I know the site is down for everybody! but can anyone tell me why is the site down?? is it for maintenance purposes?? and does anyone know the duratio ... Read more (1 answers)


Internet dead slow. Please I need some +ve replies.?

Tata Photon + is my broadband. Well.. I had been said that I will get about 2Mbps of speed for 5GB. Post 5GB usage, it must give an average of 256 Kbp ... Read more (3 answers)

Danyal A
Danyal ...

Is this a genuine website?

Hey guys. I've been interested in these pair of headphones for a while. In amazon, they cost 60 and about 30 buy-it-now on eBay. Ther ... Read more (4 answers)

paco veltra
paco ve...

How can i erase that from facebook?

So i did a "see who checks your page" thing on facebook then i realized it posted on all my friedns that i did that...and some ppl i dnt tal ... Read more (4 answers)

"The Man of the Hour"

I'm scared that one day they'll keep track of the number of times you view someones FB?

Okay my friend... um lets call him Ringo looked up this girl he crushed on for years back in high school and has viewed her FB at LEAST 200 times and ... Read more (4 answers)


Why is my computer not letting me on to some websites when it feels like it?

I am trying to access legitimate websites that i have been on all day for studying, I was able to get into them yesterday now today, it just keeps try ... Read more (4 answers)


Like My Status&I Will ?

So for facebook , i wanted to do a "like my status and i will" thingy but i dunn know what to put , i did the rate youu , first impression , ... Read more (2 answers)

Leslie Forever
Leslie ...

If a girl whom you know for a while blocked you on facebook, does that mean she is not interested in you?

I sort of bothered her a little bit recently by sending too many text-messages. She's account has NOT been hacked. Does anyone what happened? ... Read more (3 answers)


Like My Status And I Will ?

Any ideas to put on facebook as my status ? i already did the rate you , first confession&that fun stuf (: thanks (: ... Read more (2 answers)



- the fastest and safest way to surf the net - ... Read more (9 answers)


Please suggest me some cool and funny facebook Profile Names ;)?

Guys please suggest me some funny and Kool Facebook Profile Name.! And which Facebook will accept because nowadays facebook doesn't accept those ... Read more (4 answers)

Easy WAY
Easy WA...

Firefox remove only one address from address bar auto-complete ?

How to remove only one address from firefox address bar auto-completefor example whenever i type face .. ( facebook ) .. i get w ... Read more (1 answers)


Is it's ok? (10 points available)?

Can I post video in YouTube of speed arts and tutorials without music? I am deaf and I want to make people happy, do they mind they watch video with n ... Read more (6 answers)

Miss Klutz
Miss Kl...

What would be the best choice of song for my YouTube video?

I want to upload a slideshow of Vivienne Westwood shoes (I recently went to an exhibition of them). The three I'm leaning towards at the moment a ... Read more (3 answers)

eye of pie
eye of ...

Is my ISP blocking certain sites?

Hi,I just recently opened a OkCupid account and suddenly after just a couple days, the website wouldn't even load, and I couldn't ... Read more (1 answers)

Pirates be real vampires not

What are some good websites to find artistic people to work with?

What are some good websites with deals to find artistic people to work with like musicians besides craigslist? ... Read more (2 answers)


What happens if you spend way too much time on the internet?

I spend like eight to nine hours on the internet nonstop sometimes and my eyes hurt alot after wards. They get a little reddish and dry. I just take l ... Read more (5 answers)

Tron Tanner
Tron Ta...

HOW do i get a direct url to my facebook fan page?

Like coulda swore it was possible but can't find ANYTHING ... Read more (3 answers)

Jay Lively
Jay Liv...

Facebook question: accidentally deleted someone off my news feed how do i get them back on?

Okay so one of my friends posts a lot of pics, so i clicked the x to hide the pictures cause there was so many it took up my whole page, so as i was c ... Read more (2 answers)


Okay, I'm upset. How do I find my browsing history on the new IE9?

All I have are forward and back buttons. I used to be able to click a little arrow next to the forward button, and it listed all of my most recent pag ... Read more (2 answers)

Layla Cruz
Layla C...

So, honestly, is The Pirate Bay safe?

Hello, yesterday, for like the first time EVER, I downloaded something off the pirate bay. It was a Sims 2 expansion, and I just wanted to see if it a ... Read more (5 answers)

charles creekpaum

When i type in it redirects me..?

When i type in in the adress bar it redirects me to something that says this wiki link has not been made or something like that, can someo ... Read more (2 answers)

Levi G
Levi G...

What's a good Android App to remember your Applications?

I'm getting a new phone and since I have alot of apps I wanted to know if there's a app that backs up your apps that sends them to your SD ... Read more (3 answers)


Do you only accept people you know on fb?

I get random friend requests from people i don't know constantly. at first i would just accept them cause i felt bad ignoring the request but now ... Read more (2 answers)

Jai Brett
Jai Bre...

How do you make a website?

I want to make a website for free and of good quality ... Read more (3 answers)

Jekktis Leech

Why does flash player on youtube lag in hd?

Whenever I play HD (either 720p or 1024p) video's on any sort of flash player, like on youtube for example, the frame-rate really drops. I have 1 ... Read more (2 answers)


How put two right sidebars on my blog blogger layout?

Or can you show me good layouts with two right sidebars? Or just good layouts, like as It is just for a personal blog, with a simp ... Read more (1 answers)

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