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Why is my computer always jam?

When I was seeing video or playing game online my computer not responding! I am sick of that what would I do? ... Read more (1 answers)


Need for Speed most wanted on Mac HELP?

How can i run at widescreen , i got a MBA 1440x900 , but it only runs at 4:3 ratio. thanks ... Read more (1 answers)

Tom Rowley
Tom Row...

How do I zoom in on pictures from the internet without it getting blocky?

I'm doing a project to show at school. ... Read more (1 answers)

Tom Finger
Tom Fin...

DVD to iPad solution? :/?

I got iPad 2 last week and I want to throw some DVDs to my ipad. Note that I don't mean I have some AVI files or something like that, it's a ... Read more (2 answers)


Expert computer techs help please?

I have install ubuntu on my os and I didn't like it but I cant get my windows 7 home premium back please help I press f8 and no safe mode shows a ... Read more (2 answers)


Cannot start Windows Vista! Startup Repair Loop?

I am having issues with the Startup Repair continuously looping and it is not letting me open my computer.Once it comes up, it runs to try a ... Read more (1 answers)


Will computers every be able to solve.....?

3485904385098459873497594759374594759475¦ hundred million 8347839758937584937584937583758437548437¦ hundred billion million 94850943859043285904328579 ... Read more (1 answers)

Sao S
Sao S...

Copied folder from install disc to computer but no .exe file to run it?

With my new printer comes an installation disc to install the program to use the printer. I copied the contents of that disc (which comes up as a fol ... Read more (2 answers)


Music Sites that aren't blocked by my school....? I am from Northeast Alabama right? I need some music sites that aren't blocked by my school because we aren't doing anything in c ... Read more (1 answers)

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick
Mr. Dr....

What should I do on the computer?

I'm in school and need something to do while on the computer. A lot of things are blocked on these computers so yeah, maybe give me a list of fun ... Read more (5 answers)


I can't find this website i went to last time?

Before you start saying check your history i did. it's not there which is really weird because i type in all the keywords and pictures i can thin ... Read more (4 answers)


Which Macintosh should I get?

Here are some of the main things I do on the computer:Write storiesPlay The Sims 3Play MusicEdit Movies ... Read more (2 answers)


My iPad 2 is frozen! HELP!!!?

My iPad 2 is frozen it wont turn off or recognize it's plugged in the charger. HELP ME!!!! ... Read more (2 answers)


Moving a deleted file? 10 pts?

If I delete a file within a folder, then move the folder to a new place (like a pen drive or something) does the deleted fie go to? Or does it stay in ... Read more (2 answers)


Should I worry.....???? What can I do??!!?

I got this wired virus a couple months ago that installed anti-virus programs without asking me. One day this program called "spyware protection& ... Read more (4 answers)


I was downloading an episode of something, then restarted my computer?

I restarted it because I realized I was downloading the wrong one and I didn't know how to stop it. I want to download the right one, but I can&# ... Read more (2 answers)


Volume icon....................... Grrr!?

It has suddenly disappeared from the little bar at the bottom.I went to 'Customize' > 'Turn System Icons On/Off', but ... Read more (1 answers)


I'm going to download two 5GB file at the same time, will this effect the files inside?

Usually i only download one file at a time but i thought i might download these two files overnight, i am not sure that this will work successfully th ... Read more (1 answers)

Richard M

Why, when I Use the "Opera" Browser?

To access a certain financial site, do I get the message "XML Parsing Failed", but when I use the "Firefox" browser I do not? ... Read more (3 answers)

Kenya Taylor
Kenya T...

How do I know when I can recycle a computer component, and when it's safe to throw it out?

I know I'm supposed to recycle a monitor, but I can throw out I hard drive. Or is that the other way? How do you know what's safe to put i ... Read more (1 answers)

Richard M

Is the Browser "Opera" a Very Good?

Browser? and are there any advantages to using it? ... Read more (6 answers)


Help with vista 7 pics?

I just got a new lap top and it has vista 7 installed, I have thousands of photos that I need to go through but am having problems with the workings o ... Read more (5 answers)


Is this a bad computer?

Is there something i can add to it to make it better..or do i need a new one completely..oh i want a gaming computer.cel ... Read more (6 answers)


What were the list of games that came with Windows 98?

Specifically I'm looking for a game that had a boy with blonde hair who had to get through levels by collecting keys (to unlock the level). He s ... Read more (4 answers)


Renamed system32 file, and now i cant rename it again back to original name?

Ok, i asked some mins ago question about replacing that, but now i dont care about that anymore.I have this new problem now!So i r ... Read more (2 answers)


Why is my computer restarting itself?

After about 15 minutes, my PC just shuts off and restarts. What on earth is going on? ... Read more (2 answers)


Windows Live Movie Maker, how to download songs to your computer? (without cd, or itunes)?

So you know when you make a video on windows movie maker, and the only music you can add is the default music/sample music?How do you add more, please ... Read more (1 answers)


Whats wrong with my computer?

Whenever i try to play games or when i have alot of programs open the fan starts to go crazy and starts making loud noises and then my computer just s ... Read more (6 answers)


When I try to turn my computer on it says system battery voltage low?

It's a pretty old dell computer, I just switched it to an SSD but I don't see how that could be affecting it's battery voltage? I' ... Read more (4 answers)

Camille Elle

How much is worth my computer?

I'm thinking about buying another computer and I was wondering how much is worth the one I already have. It's a Dell XPS 630i ... Read more (1 answers)

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