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On the Ipad app Pages can you save documents that you wrote?

After you type a document,can you save it to the application or to the ipad so you can use AirPrint when it is available? Or can you only type then im ... Read more (1 answers)

 bita chica

How to use MP3 sound cutter to take the first part of a song ?

I have a song and i just need the first 2 mnts of it so hw can i do that (never used it before :S) ... Read more (1 answers)


Can someone tell me what this is?

Home.Plan.Pro.v5.2.23.24.Incl.Keygen-Lz0 ... Read more (2 answers)

lucky and good
lucky a...

Does an sd to hd video converter exist?

To my knowledge this does not exist but i am watching a lot of old movies in hd quality these days(edward scissorhands) i dought they used a converte ... Read more (5 answers)


Updating my windows phone?

I have a htc surround and it telling me there is a update but i need to plug it into the computer so i did and there was a update threw zune but its s ... Read more (2 answers)

Howard Jones
Howard ...

How do i remove security from a pdf?

I recently downloaded an assignment task sheet (pdf file format), but it's password protected and it won't let me print it!My teac ... Read more (1 answers)


In Internet Explorer 9, is there a default I can set...?

That changes a clicked Y!A Q&A link from the blue to purple or some other color? I noticed in the last couple of days that this isn't happen ... Read more (1 answers)

v ...

How to convert .m4v to another format? (like mp4)?

I'm trying to convert this almost 4 second long .m4v clip into a .mp4 or another video file so that I am able to make it into a .gif. H ... Read more (5 answers)


3D based program that generates realistic human figures?

I need a program which generates realistic 3D human figures, that allows you to turn angles, bend any joints and converts that to a high definition fi ... Read more (1 answers)


How to count selected MS Office 2010 page, total words in ?

How to count selected MS Office 2010 page, total words in ? ... Read more (2 answers)


How to calculate tax on an excel spreadsheet? Help PLEASE!?

I have a job interview in the sales department at a hotel, and one of my interview tasks is to take a hotel sales document, with a certain amount of r ... Read more (1 answers)


Help os problem help please?

I lost my windows 7 home premium os on my pc and wont load up only linux but I don't like it if I put a win7 home premium disk can I do I system ... Read more (3 answers)


Windows 7 Ultimate Languages?

What languages are the 35 different languages available ... Read more (4 answers)


I can't redeem my iTunes gift card?

I click on 'Redeem' and it tries to load for a while and then it just stops and nothing happens. I've been trying this over and over fo ... Read more (2 answers)


VLC Media Player VS. Windows Media Player?

Which one is better? And why? (details please) ... Read more (4 answers)


Your computer is presenting a problem related to software....?

...would you purchase a remote support service?Remote Support consists in someone taking control of your PC remotely, with your permission, ... Read more (5 answers)

Cheesy Potatoes
Cheesy ...

Does anyone know where i can download free stock footage?

Just need some of some cows grazing or a random funny filler shot to play voice over for a documentary im making. thanks! ... Read more (1 answers)


Why is my computer startup so slow?

I have a Dell Studio 1158 with:Intel i5-520 @ 2.4GHzATI Mobility Radeon 5470 with 1GB dedicated memory8GB DDR3 RAM ... Read more (5 answers)

Bart Simpson
Bart Si...

How to narrate on windows live movie maker?

I want to know but not windows movie maker i want live because they are two different thing thanks ... Read more (1 answers)


How do I uninstall Questscan?

I was just going through sites looking for a site to watch movies on and I somehow downloaded the questscan search engine (along with a few viruses I ... Read more (1 answers)


GPL v3 Question and game engine?

Hi can I make commercial game white GPL game engine ? ... Read more (1 answers)


How do you double in Minecraft beta?

Okay what I'm talking about is Doubling the items like gold, string , and blocks in Minecraft beta. I could do this in Minecraft Alpha, but not ... Read more (1 answers)

IE Guy
IE Guy...

Where is the Internet Explorer 9 Progress bar?

Where is the IE 9 Progress bar? Microsoft took it out of IE9. There is a third party plugin from this company that you can downl ... Read more (2 answers)


How do I transfer Photoshop CS3 from one Mac to another?

Is it even possible?Say I have a new macbook laptop. My current one has CS3 on it - how do I bring that program over to the other laptop? I ... Read more (3 answers)

Dragon Queen
Dragon ...

I want to update software on my macbook, I used "software update"...I NEED HELP!!! I NEED IT FOR UNI!!!?

And it found "Mac OS X Update Combined Version 10.5.8". I download it and even go to the point of restarting my macbook. When it restarted, ... Read more (1 answers)


Why won't my background go transparent?

Using Photoshop Elements - I have a line drawing of clip art - a hot dog. I want to get rid of the white background and make it transparent. I used th ... Read more (2 answers)


Why can't I copy text from this PDF file?

Hi,I want to be able to copy text from this PDF file: ... Read more (2 answers)


If i restart my computer, will I still be able to continue my BitTorrent download?

I'm downloading fifa 11 for PC and so far it's past 60%would it resume download at 60% if I restart my computer? ... Read more (6 answers)

Nathaniel Qin

Adobe Photoshop CS5 How-to?

So I downloaded the trial, and now I'm trying to figure out how to use it. First, I just want to learn how to take someone else's head and p ... Read more (1 answers)

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