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Nathaniel DNathaniel D

Alright..firstly so u know, i take online schooling. And i need to type and sometimes PRINT and Write on the paper and scan it to turn it in. BUT. Right now i only have two problems on this test i need to HAND write. But the test itself is like...14 pages long. i really do not want to print ALLL of those pages out (Mind you theres like millions of words too..dont think ill have enough ink lol) and i only need to print like 2 pages. IS there anyway i can print just those TWO pages out? or must i have to print ALL of the word document? If there is anyway PLEASE can you write down a detailed way on how? as i would like a step by step explaination to follow along :)

Please help as i need to turn in my test by tonight :/ and i would like to solve this issue pretty fast as im able to finish it now

The Phlebob
The Phlebob

When the print dialog box comes up (either through the File->Print menu option, CTRL/P or any other way), click the Pages radio button, then set the page numbers in the two boxes. (Word has an even more flexible control in the same place).

Hope that helps.


First thing you need to do is determine what the "page" numbers are of the pages in the Word document. Click the PRINT button and then click the dot next to "Pages:" and the put the page numbers in the box to the right. Example: To print pages 26 and 27 you would enter 26 - 27.

Hope this helps.


Instead of clicking the Print Icon, click File then print.

This will bring up the Print dialog box, and from there you can specify the page range you want to print.

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