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I was working on a project on scratch(animating program), and my computer froze. I hadn't saved, and I exited the program and restarted my pc. Is there any way I could recover my project? I was working for four hours.

Piano Player
Piano Player

If you haven't saved then unfortunately not :(

We had a similar problem on our school network where the default drive for saving scratch projects was a temporary network folder... Loads of people lost work and there is nothing that can be done to get it back :'(

Really sorry for your loss...

Keep Scratching :)


If you never saved it, there's nothing to recover - everything in RAM goes away when you restart. If you saved at least once there may be a temporary file in your temp folder.

Aldis Coleman
Aldis Coleman

If you don't saved the project file then unfortunately no one can recover that, the data recovery software recovers only saved data nothing like unsaved or working data, project or files.

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