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Sara SSara S

OK....SO I sold this guy a in Moldova a cell phone on E-Bay. I have sold many phones on E-Bay and never had any real problems. I have perfect feedback (63) and I know phones as I own and run an actual cell phone and provider store. First, he contacted me almost a month later to ask about the location of the shipped phone. I provided him the day I shipped with the tracking number. I then called USPS to inquire about the location of the package. They said they have to await a response from Moldova post since it is in their country already. So magicly, the next day, he says he recieved it, but the micro USB port is broken and the phone won't charge. I am still waiting for a response from Moldova post to confirm delivery date. The phone was BRAND NEW in the box, and tested and was in perfect physical and mechanical working order. Now...being that I work with phones everyday, I see how fragile these charging ports are and are easily damaged, alot of times without the customer even intentionally doing it. He asked me what I'm going to do about this problem and I kindly responded that working equipment was sent to him and that I cannot accept broken equipment for a refund. I'm sure he's lying, but I did not call him a liar. He basicly said "How do I know you didn't sell me a broken phone"? And at the same time Im thinkin how do I know you didn't break it!! I'm not going to lose the cost of the phone, because I can't sell a broken phone, the payment he made, which I already spent thinking this was a done deal, plus fees and such. I'm pissed and I'm not a sucker!! He did'nt open a case yet, but I'm sure he will and I'm afraid ebay might side with him, though I feel my case is stronger but that's an expensive chance to take (For me it is). I am honest and I dunno what to do! Any suggestions or similar experience? Thanks for reading my schpeel.


Most of the time with people like this (if, in fact, he is trying to scam you) if you put up a fight and make sure to make it clear it will be an uphill battle, they'll back off. good luck to you! nothing much you can do here as far as i know.. :( some people are just twits.


1. It's extremely risky to sell and ship internationally.

2. You are not really obligated to do anything outside of whatever your return policy is.

3. Nothing can protect you from the occasional nut.

4. I would tell him that if he insists on returning it, it's at his own expense.

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