Hi to all i wanna buy a 20+ in LCD for maya & graphic design suggest a great performance monitor?

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I hardly trying to find it please suggest me a great performance and good color reproductive monitor for Maya and 3ds max design and photo editing graphic designing work.Monitor should be available in Vijayawada and above 20 inches or more my budget is 30k INR


I am using a 23.5 inch Acer H235H LCD monitor and it gives excellent performance. As you know the highest resolution of display is High Definition (HD) 1080p, which means 1960 dots per inch horizontally and 1080 pixels per inch vertically and progressive scan. Progressive scan means all the information of a picture is displayed at once unlike in interleaved doaplay. Acer H235H is HD 1080p. It is excellent for all sorts of design and animation and rendering works. Another important parameter for LCD monitors is the response time. Acer H235H has 2 milli second response time which is excellent for all purposes. It has 100,000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio and have HDMI, HDCP and DVI ports. It will cost you around 10,000 rupees. Ensure that your PC has an excellent graphics card to take full advantage of this monitor. You can read about Acer H235H LCD monitor here :¦

Admec Institute
Admec Institute

Hi Vijay,

I gone through your question, you wanna to purchase a high definition thin monitor for your professional need. Then, Samsung, Dell and Benq are the best options. As i am also a design professional and running admec multimedia named institutes in delhi, so i can understand your need. I am using samsung Large Format Monitor, Models are acrding: 320MXN-3, P63FP2.

Personally I would also want to recommend a best led display monitor and that can also fit in your budget i.e. Apple Monitors. No monitor, no company, no technology can provide display as Apple can provide. Try to find out something better than the expectations on apple website today.

Hope, I helped you in a proper way.


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