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My ex hasn't deleted me after he dumped me about a month ago. I have contemplated whether to delete him. Our break-up was not very mutual, but then in the end I realized he really wasn't right for me anyway. In other words, I'm not super crushed & got over the angry stage. Basically, he told me he didn't love me after almost a year of dating & was flaking out on commitment. Of course in the beginning i was upset but then got over it & I'm in the process of moving on.. What do YOU think of having an ex as a fb friend? Is it too tempting to check up on what they're doing & if they're in a relationship, etc? Can it be hurtful / annoying to see info you wish you hadn't like flirting etc? He doesn't go on fb much or update often, has a TON of friends on fb (500+).. I highly doubt he will really contact me.. We don't txt/call anymore because it's too painful & a bad idea all around.. A little part of me wants to stay up to date on his life & such via fb.. But then again, why bother. And he had too many issues for us to ever get back together.. It is highly unlikely.

I also still have his sn on my skype, but I'm sure I'll delete that. Thanks for input, especially from those who are experienced! (we're talking about people in their 20s, btw). thx.. best answer 5 stars :o)


Take him off your Facebook and any other social medium y'all share contacts on is my opinion.

When my ex and I split (she left me for another guy), we tried to do the whole friend "thing." We remained friends on Facebook and even tried to hang out a few times. But once she started to post pictures of her and the guy she left me for and then started to post statuses of how she had "the most amazing boyfriend ever!!!" and what not it really started to get to me. We were together for a year and had, I thought, every intention of getting married.

If he ended the relationship on terms that were not mutual then odds are he's going to post something eventually that is going to hurt you. What's going to help you get over him is breaking off all contact. You may feel like you're getting over him, but what happens when his relationship status changes? Are you absolutely certain that isn't going to bother you?

In my opinion, it is best to just avoid the whole mess and take him off your friend's list. Your relationship with him is over. You'll probably be much better off not knowing what is going on in his life and focusing entirely on what is now going to be going on with yours. I wish you luck whatever you decide to do.

Desi Lu
Desi Lu

Be there done that. Me and my ex had a semi mutual break up we both still care alot for eachother (we've been friends since childhood) but anywho i deleted him as my fb friend. Only because i am a person who one day will be tempted to look at his page and of course I'm sure I'll see something that will upset me. I'd rather not be able to see his page because if i do I'm only hurting myself. I guess it depends on the type of person you are. Thats just MY opinion. Hope this helps (=

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