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Larissa SmithLarissa Smith

I have a Logitech M05 model mouse. It's a USB one. I no the batteries, drivers, cleaning, etc is fine. I just bought this mouse about a month and a half ago. It was a nice mouse. kinda expensive(For my budget, and a mouse, You know?) Now, I also bought this computer the same time I bought the mouse. A month and a half ago. I'm on a laptop so I have a touchpad. It shouldn't be a big deal. But I NEED a mouse for at least 85 - 90% of my games. I love PC games, but I cannot play them without a mouse. Absolutely cannot. Before, the mouse was working, then it started freezing when I touched the USB plug-in, then a few hours ago it just all-of-a-sudden stopped working all together. I found if I jiggled, touched, or unplugged and replugged the USB plug-in into the port, it would work again, for like, 24 - 36 hours. Then it froze again, usually because I touched the plug-in.

#1. The Mouse shouldnt freeze because you touch the plugged in USB plug-in.

#2. It's a piece of crap if thats the way it is^.

#3 Why didnt it happen before?

I thought back, and remembered, My headphones did the exact same thing, like, a week ago. They were fine. Then, they messed up, and if I touched them, they'd be okay, then they died all of a sudden. I ignored it, figured it was my old, crappy headphones. But 2 days ago I tried them in my mp3 they worked perfectly. So, that leads me to believe it's my computer.

If it IS my computer, what could be causing this?! I haven't touched any of the devices or anything. Everythings updated. I don't believe I have any viruses, and even if I did/do, Isn't it a certain type of virus that would make this happen...? Also, The touchpad sometimes highlights stuff I dont want it to. But, thats probably my fault, I'm used to a desktop and a mouse.

Anyways, I think thats it. Any help is truely, truely appreciated. Even just a small bit of knowledge could help me. Thanks.

Taylor Wortley
Taylor Wortley

Buy a new mouse, if it happens again it sounds to me like problems with your physical ports (where you plug it in). Have you dropped/bumped your laptop? Also there should be multiple USB ports on the back or other side of the laptop, so try those before buying a new mouse.


To me it sounds like your usb slot on your computer is going bad. all you can do is use another slot.


Thats way to much reading for me

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