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If i buy a graphics card and it doesnt have a slot on it for a monitor can i still use the card because i was curious what fermi means cuz i just payed for it and i stupidly ordered something without a second glance¦ will this work with my 20 inch monitor if it doesnt ill have to send it back its the regular bulky super vga type


Nooo dont send it back it comes with a converter for DVI to VGA if you need it its packaged in the box

also has DVI to HDMI converter.

As for a power supply you need one with minimum two pcie 6 pin cables and 450watt but preferably go a little more depending on what other devices you have¦

Great Reb
Great Reb

Fermi is the name of the graphics processor. That card will work fine, just make sure you get adapters if your cables wont fit.

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