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Matthew MMatthew M

I wish to install a Linux distribution to my MSi Laptop, and here are some cantidates that I think would be suitable:

1. Ubuntu 10.10

2. Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook

3. Fedora 14 (Trying to decide between KDE and GNOME)

4. openSUSE 11.4 (when it comes out in few days, trying to decide between KDE and GNOME)

5. CentOS 5.5

6. Linux Mint 10

Here is my said computers specifications:


CPU: AMD Athlon Neo MV-40

HD: 244GB Hitachi Hitachi HTS545025B9A300 ATA Device (SATA)

I am currently most familiar with openSUSE and Fedora, I have used Ubuntu and it's derivatives a little. I consider myself a novice even though I have used Linux overall for 5 months now.

The question is which of these distributions would be best for me and my computer's hardware?


Those are all good choices. I prefer Debian derivatives like Ubuntu & Mint over the others (which are all Red Hat derivatives), but that's really only because I prefer DEB over RPM. In the end it comes down to personal preference. I do know that Ubuntu doesn't have wifi drivers for my own MSI Wind netbook, but ndiswrapper (which lets you use Windows wifi drivers in Linux) works great as a workaround.

As for KDE v GNOME, when you get into the meat of that argument, it comes down to this: GNOME is pre-configured to work well for most people. KDE is more of a tinkerer's desktop. Most people find it ugly and cumbersome at first because it's made to be highly tweaked and personalized by each individual user rather than being easy to use "out of the box". Even though I am a tinkerer, I prefer GNOME; I prefer tinkering with other things than my GUI. I want my GUI to just work so that I can get on with other stuff.

I will say this: I prefer CentOS over Fedora. Fedora is basically Red Hat beta. Red Hat uses Fedora as a proving ground for new technologies for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. On the other hand, CentOS actually *is* Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but with different branding.

Nick Howard
Nick Howard

I am a big UBUNTU fan. Its complex enough to get anything done and simple enough not to make everything a hassel. It will run on just about any computer. (including yours).


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