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I sell some of my used college textbooks on Ebay and this company apparently ordered a textbook from me. I sent it out the exact same day. They are now saying they never got it and are demanding a full refund. I look a their feedback and they have tons of negative feedback from people saying this exact same thing! I have never not shipped an item. I don't want to refund their money because I know they got it. I also don't want negative feedback on my ebay I have 100% and I want to keep it that way. What are my options? SHould I just suck up the loss and never deal with them again. They are scammers! I didn't get a signature required slip on it and i usually do if it is over $50 but this was like $39.

Andrew S
Andrew S

**** happens. Unless you have proof of delivery then Paypal (assuming that is how they paid) will refund their money as a matter of policy and charge that refund to you. If they paid by some other mechanism then you will need to be able to show at least proof of posting to cover yourself. As for preventing negative feedback there is very little you can do. If you could show that it was slanderous you may be able to get a court order to have it removed but that will be expensive and difficult to do, depending on what they actually say, because you are unable to prove delivery. In future always go for recorded delivery if the amount in question is more that you want to risk losing.

Dave E
Dave E

For another 50 cents you can get a signature thing from USPS. It also serves as a tracking number and then you know it made it there. It's cheap insurance from someone on the other end giving you a line of bs.

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