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Julius OJulius O

I have a HP pavilion (model a6642p) with Windows Vista 64-bit, Motherboard mod PEGATRON CORPORATION - Benicia.

It has an onboard video card, with only one monitor hookup. I am trying to set up for dual monitors. I have a video card i swiped from an old computer and was wondering how to get it installed in my computer.

Here is the availible slots:¦

The video card info is this:

D-Ying M-VO e150630 94V-O


Any help would be great, as i know only enough about computers to get myself into trouble.

I tried to fit the card into the black slot in the picture, it fits in fine. I than tried to turn the computer on, and nothing happened. Nothing came up on my existing monitor. So, i just turned it back off, unplugged it, pulled the card out, and my computer started up just fine.

So, how do i go about getting this thing installed, and setup to run dual monitors?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Wow, Joel, Para, and AO fail hard. Did you guys even look at the pictures? He tried to install an AGP card into A PCI-E slot. How it actually fits is beyond me. It won't work, sorry dude. You'll need a PCI or PCI-E video card. I can't believe you didn't screw up your motherboard when you plugged in that AGP. If anything you probably ****** up the AGP card. Get a PCI or PCI-E video card, and make sure your power supply is high enough wattage to support it.

- Okay then. If that is all you are planning on doing, something around the lines of a Radeon HD 3450 would be good. They are only like $40 to. A Nvidia GT-210 also wouldn't be a bad choice. Basically anything that is PCI-E with two monitor outputs would work good for you.


My guess is that you can't use both the integrated and an add-on graphics adapter at the same time, you'll have to choose which one to use. To disable the onboard one you have to enter the BIOS settings and disable the integrated card there.


It was working fine when you turned the computer off. Of course nothing came up on your existing monitor, you installed a video card. Connect both monitors to the video card's two ports.


You have to make sure the model of the video card is the right specification for the motherboard. I tried looking up the specs of the video card, but it's in another language so I'm not sure. If the motherboard is PCI-E (pic express) then the video card needs to be PCI-E as well.

When you installed the video card, did you make sure it was all the way in? Sometimes you need to give it a firm push, but nothing too hard.

It's tough to tell from the picture, but does the video card have a slot on the end of it that requires a power plug?

You might want to get an air can to blow onto the video card and onto the motherboard just in case dust is interfering. Make sure you aren't trying to install the card until the computer is fully turned off and the power cable is unplugged, and don't be on carpet while doing this, make sure to put newspaper under your feet.

If none of that helps, the video card may be bad, but it's tough to help much more without being there. Hope some of this helps.


Your motherboard has one PCI-Express slot (black) plus one old PCI slot (white)

So you can install either a PCI-Express or PCI graphics card. I believe the one you have is AGP, so it won't fit into that computer.

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