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Allwin JohnAllwin John


I got windows7 and 1Gb RAM.My computer is now suffering with Blue Screen Error.Whenever i take a program which loads more(Example:playing games,watching videos etc.)blue screen will come.My friends told me maybe it is RAM's problem.So tried with 2GB RAM but,it came again.I can't use PC much time because of this.

Any help to remove or fix this problem?

Joshan Joy
Joshan Joy

Downoad reguva software

its good

hope i helped

Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Professional

This info page on the Windows 7 site has a few suggestions:Ž

Namely, you might want try to run in safe mode and see if you can do a system restore from there. You also may have to consider doing a clean install of Windows 7, though you will lose data, so if there's a chance you can back it up, it would be prudent to do so.

-- Ryan

Windows Outreach Team


Blue Screen means either a hardware or software problem. There's a STOP code at the bottom of the text on that screen - that tells you what the problem is. list the common ones and how to fix them.

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