Is there anyone else that thinks if we did not have access to social networking sites?

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Maybe people would not have so much distrust in each other.


I don't think the distrust comes from social networking sites, but they amplify it!

Problem is the form of interaction. If Facebook had video/audio messages instead of text, it would probably be better. Some things you write, but would not say out loud. And the current generation of user is used to the old "username" concept...being anonymous on the internet is something of the past now and Facebook was one of the first to show the problems of having a real name attributed to an account.

Distrust comes from people, and as long as there are people there will be distrust. It's just that now, the issues are written and kept forever on a huge log we call Facebook...oh and it's not really private so it can't help!


Count me in... i just logged in facebook last week with my brothers account as he wanted to use my computer. I still do not have one.

I definitely like to answer in yahoo question and answer and help each other also get some new information and crazy ideas.


I agree . Because lOts of drama starts on Facebook ect .


I'm sure someone somewhere things that, but I certainly don't think that.

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