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Price doesn't bother me i am willing to spend at least 3,000. i just need to know which one is better and why.


A MAC. it's so much more dependable. PC's keep making you update the software, and if you don't want to, too bad, they restart the computer all the time, it did it to me while I was typing an essay. WTF? Lol. It doesn't make since why it should update itself 3 times a day without permission. And even simple tasks like opening a web browser are such a hassle because it always says "not responding" it's quite the stupid OS. And windows makes the computer work really hard, and slows it down. OSX and Linux make it super fast.

macs are actually underprice and PCS are overpriced. Let me explain.

With a Mac you get state of the art video, photo, recording, and music editing software. A PC doesn't come with these things. So addthe price of buying that. Then Microsoft office student costs 400 dollars and you can only use the disc once on that computer. With apples iWork, that you can download straight from the Mac App Store costs $79 in all. Then a PC has to have virus protection. That's another 100-300 dollars a year. Macs have barley any viruses the last time a Mac had one that wasnt installed purposly was 2006. Then you have to but a warranty FROM Microsoft because itdoesnt come with one. That's another 59.95 a phone call or 200 a year. Then the cheap price of plastic PC is bound to break or STILL get a virus so add that on also.

Macs also come with a website builder which is also rated state of the art. That's another 200-1,000 with adobe or something like that.

Add all that up, and it's so much more exensive. Also, Applecomputers are mention to last 5-7 years and still be good, which anyone will agree to. Microsoft says you need to get a new computer every 18 months to not lag.

Add that up also. And for netbooks the life spam is 6 months


Get a Mac, it can run windows anyways. What's better than a PC and Mac?


It ultimately depends on the specs. The only difference between macs and pcs are their operating system(OS). The mac's OS doesn't have as much viruses as microsoft. This is because more people use pcs. On the other hand, microsoft OSes will have more programs compatible with it than macs.

Therefore, macs will most likely last longer and requires less maintenance while microsoft is more universally used. Truely, they would be the same if they both had the same amount of users.

Florence Walker
Florence Walker

Apple makes a great laptop, don't get me wrong. But for the vast majority of offices and businesses, the standard is PC and a Microsoft OS. Windows is geared more for business while the Mac OS is geared toward user friendliness. You will find most places using PCs and a few using Macs, but very rarely will you find a business using both because of compatibility issues. I would recommend you stick with the industry standard and go PC. (Que rage-fest of Apple fan-boys. They have a use, just not in the office... unless you're an artist or designer)

The main disadvantage about macs is their incompatibility with A LOT of software. You have to pay a lot of money to get windows (office) on your mac, and it is most likely any software you get is for windows.


Mac is better for video's and music and editing and effects etc.

Pc is more reliable.

Macs dont get viruses, pc's do.

It all depends on what you are looking for.


Well, if you are looking for video editing and music, I would reccommend a Mac. However if you want gaming and every day use, use Windows.

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