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This is a piece of my code and I am having trouble passing by the variable col....was wondering why it wont work or unless i would have to do several if...else and place for loops inside that.

Issue is col is undeclared and I don't understand why BUT when I put the for loop inside each if else statement and making col a constant of the each sizes S,M,L,XL. I want to use one for loop.

Please provide tips, pointers, errors that I may have done. Thanks

#include <iostream>

#include <string>

#include <cctype>

using namespace std;

int Inv[3][4]={{10,20,30,40},{15,20,25,30},{¦

int TotalSize=0,

string size;


cout<<"Enter the size:";cin>>size;size.erase(1);


if(size=="S"){//total for small

SIZE col=S;}

else if(size=="M"){//total for medium

SIZE col=M;}

else if(size=="L"){//total for large

SIZE col=L;}

else //total for xtra-large

{SIZE col=XL;}

for(COLOR row=RED;row<=BLUE;row=COLOR(row+1))//tot¦ inv




cout<<"\tTotal number of shirts="<<endl;

The Phlebob
The Phlebob

It's because each of those declarations of col is local to the {...} it's in. In the for-loop, they're not defined. This is called "scoping".

Do this:

SIZE col;

if(size=="S"){//total for small


else if(size=="M"){//total for medium


else if(size=="L"){//total for large


else //total for xtra-large


Now col is declared outside the if-clauses and will stick around for the for-loop.

Hope that helps.

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