How do I restore a dell laptop latitude D610 windows xp to factory settings?

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I brought it refurbished.

Smokies Hiker
Smokies Hiker

First you'll have to determine if you have a Recovery "D" partition on the hard drive. You can open "Computer" and look at the top to see if there are two drives listed. You should see the Main "C" drive and a Recovery "D" drive. If you don't have the Recovery "D" drive, then you'll have to have the Windows XP version Recovery Disk for that computer. It will run in the DVD_ROM. If you have no Recovery "D" partition and no XP Recovery disk, you can borrow a XP Installation Disk from a friend, but it has to be exactly identical to the Windows XP version installed on the laptop. You will have to activate this os with Microsoft after it's installed. If you have any personal files on the hard drive at all, use a flash drive or DVDs to back them up for re-installation later. If you have any external hard drive in the USB port, disconnect it unless you want it "wiped clean" also. At this point, you just either start the computer and look for a choice at the bottom of the opening screens that says something like System Recovery F11 ( that would be the "F" Key to start tapping to get the computer into the recovery mode. Then you just follow the on screen instructions. If you need to use a Recovery Disk, you start the computer, insert the disk into the DVD-ROM slot, and then shut the computer down. When you restart the computer, it should boot off of the disk and your recovery is under way. Just follow any on screen instructions. You'll have to install the Windows XP Service Pack 3 that can be found online. This download will be lengthy, so allow several hours at least. Make sure you have the Microsoft Product ID number so you can get the software activated if you need to borrow a XP installation disk. Good luck with your new computer.



Unplug all external devices from your Dell D610, such as a microphone, speaker or external drive.


Turn on your computer and as it is booting up press and hold the "Ctrl" button and then press the "F11" button. Release them at the same time. At this point on your screen you will see "Dell PC Restore By Symantec."


Click on, or tab down to, "Restore" and then press the "Enter" key.


Confirm that you wish to restore your computer by clicking on "Confirm," and then press "Enter" once again. At this point you will see a progress window appear on your screen. The entire restoration process will take approximately 10 minutes.


Click "Finish" to restart your computer when prompted.

David Perry-sr.
David Perry-sr.

If you have a d: partition, then it is Ctrl + F11 while booting up. No partition d: then there is no Factory Default Recovery. The reason why I say this is it all depends on who actually did the refurbish of the laptop. Manufacturer or some second party out source vendor or supplier.

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