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Genti GGenti G

I want know the difference between Windows(XP,Vista,7) and Macintosh operating system,features,costumer supporting etc. --> with one word: Which of these OSs is better than other ?



A computer is a tool. There's no such thing as a better tool, just a better tool for the job you need done. It all comes down to the user. If you're a programmer, Linux is probably best. If you're into gaming, Windows is best. If you're into art, graphics, web design, audio or video work, Macs are best.

Don M
Don M

The fact of the matter is that Apples, Macbook Pro is the most secure stable and trouble free of all operating systems on the market today.

If you need an Office program there is

It is free and compatible with Microsoft.

You can get anything you want program wise for a Mac.

Most programs are free if you look around a little.


That want want a pc for simple tasks like playing music watching movies or surfing go for microsoft...

If you need to WORK on your pc(edit pictures make videos and boast people of what you got) go for mac....

Mac is hassle free and is messy and terms of configuration they both are same.


I got a mac book pro last summer for college. I only boot into Windows 7. OS X although looks very nice, it's to slow and dysfunctional. Windows 7> OS X Snow Leopard. Unless you're mentally handicapped and aren't very good with computers.

Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh

Just one word is - windows

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