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After updating with Broadcom Wireless 802.11g driver, my laptop started to hang continuously and must be rebooted to move on. I Rolled back to previous

vista driver I was using but the system shut down suddenly.

Thanks for any info.

Kelly K
Kelly K

Well, it is hard to say whether is driver update failed. suggest you use a free scan software( to do s full scan of your device drivers. after doing that, you can get a exact result about it.

Dean Talk
Dean Talk

If your OS (Vista) does not have the most recent service pack some driver updates will not function correctly because they are intended to be installed on an updated OS.

Try starting in safe mode by tapping F8 while starting up. Tap F8 before and during boot screen.

From the Advanced Options select Safe mode with networking or network support.

Once at the Safe mode desktop click Start, right click my computer , click Properties.

If Device manager is shown on left of screen select it, If Device manager is not shown on left of screen select the hardware tab and there you will find Device manager. Open and scroll down to network adapters and click to open. Here you should find your broadcom device. Right click and select uninstall. Once uninstall is complete restart computer in normal mode. Windows should find hardware and install original driver automatically.

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