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Just bought a laptop with no OS. Inserted windows seven cd for installation. There were two partitions, one big and one small. (By the way, is this normal?) I deleted the small one so only one would be left. Started installing windows seven. Several minutes into it, laptop shut down by itself, apparently the battery was completely drained. (I had no idea how much charge the battery had left.)

So I plugged the laptop into an AC wall outlet and restarted the formating from the beginning. There were two partitions again, but this time the smaller one was EXACTLY 100MB, and I could not delete it like I did previously. So I installed the OS on the larger partition.

After installation, there were 2 Program Files folders:

C:\Program Files


C:\Program Files(x86)

Is that normal? First thing I did was install VLC player and the software for a USB broadband device. During installation, the default folder to which they would be installed is in C:\Program Files(x86). I didn't bother to change it, and they were installed there just fine. But is that normal? Should I just uninstall the vlc and the broadband software and delete the C:\Program Files(x86) folder?

By the way, C:\Program Files has 20 files, and C:\Program Files(x86) has 18 files. Both folders have Windows media player, and both players can run fine.

Should I leave everything as is or not? Please try to explain everything that seems unusual and advice me on what to do. Thanks everyone!

What is the question
What is the question

You can make more partition or combine all into one as that is the default of all hard drive, one partition

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