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Daniel KDaniel K

I was wondering what is the top Amd ATi and Nvidia Ge force integrated graphics on a motherboard is? E.g Hd 4200, or Ge force 8200 or whatever. There's not much info on these, but would like to ask you folks.

I don't want a discrete graphics card because my budget is low.

Bert H
Bert H

Anything integrated is 'second class'.

Since you're not interested in a dedicated card, get the GeForce 8200, or better yet, get the one with the most on-card RAM.


I have used old cards on new PCs and new cards on old PCs, which was better?

With other things being equal, the one with most RAM.


Mr Burris
Mr Burris

** Googled your question **

The most powerful integrate video card is the Mobility Radeon HD 3200 which is basically a revamped Radeon HD 2400 desktop video card.

Now for my answer. As far as any integrated graphics card, they aren't going to be great. If you are looking for a powerful gaming rig, your going to have to go discrete. But, they are not as expensive as you think. Chances are if you are going spend say $650 on a laptop, another 100 dollars will get you a discrete video card

Go with a refurbished Dell XPS. Still get a warranty on it, and its a powerful rig. My mother has the M1710 and its still fast as hell. I have a co-worker with a M1210 I believe, smaller version, and its running Windows 7 faster than it ran XP.


It doesn't make much difference. You won't be gaming on any integrated graphics, and all of them do HD movies and web just fine.

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