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I hooked up my old emachines computer, it worked fine for about 5 minutes, then i left the room came back and it shut off. The blue power button blinks and it makes a continuous loud beeping from inside of the computer.

I can shut it off by holding the power button down. The fans come on and the mouse and keyboard. But the monitor is blank.

I remember this happened before when i knocked it off the desk one day i opened the cover unplugged a wire and plugged it back in, this time it didn't work.

Any thoughts?


How many beeps do you here when it starts? The beeps indicate what the issue is usually. But It could be an issue with your ram or graphics card or you may simply need to reset your bios/cmos which is either done by a jumper on the motherboard or removing the battery in the pc for a few mins then replacing it and turning it back on.

EDIT: Searching google, some with emachines say it may be your ram. You may need to reseat your memory by removing it and putting it back in and make sure you hear 2 clicks per stick. You can also go to emachine website and they offer live online webcat technical service and they may be able to tell you what the issue means for your specific model. I believe it is free too so you can try that.

Walker Texas Ranger
Walker Texas Ranger

Is your monitor plugged in? it could be a number of things. check the processor or gpu change to onboard video and see if that works..

pressing the Numlock key will illuminate or turn of the led on the keyboard. shows your computer isn't froze or something more serious isn't going on


Check the seat of all the cards...

If it has an video-card that is not ON-BOARD... reseat it... replace it next.

Eric Trevor
Eric Trevor

Try safe mode.

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