Why does my 64 bit Windows 7 not recognize the full 4 GB Ram?

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All these days I used only 32 bit Windows versions. Now I use Windows 7. I had the 32 bit version and 4 GB Ram and in My Computer properties it showed "3.25 GB usable". I did some research on the internet and understood that only 64 bit Windows can recognize full 4GB and Windows 7 can do it up to 192 GB.

Since I had not much files and programs in C Drive I made a clean installation of 64bit Windows 7 from my installation DVD. I checked properties again and much to my surprise, it is still showing "3.25GB usable". And I am sure that I didn't inadvertently install 32 bit again since its given "64-bit Operating System" right below it.

So whats the problem and where did I go wrong? In fact only two out of the four Ram slots in my motherboard are used (2 X 2GB) and I'm wondering whether its any use if I upgrade it to 8GB


You didn't do anything wrong. Your video adapter is using the rest of the ram, so you must have a video adapter (probably onboard) that doesn't have its own ram.


Ur ram will be used for any other purpose of ur system there will be no problem

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