Why is my laptop running on windows 7 software giving me a lot of problems?

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Tom TinTom Tin

There hangs frequently.

Is this a common occurrence when using windows 7 software? I've used XP and Vista before and they did not give me so much problem.

Any windows 7 users? Please comment. Thanks!


Windows 7 uses alot of system resources. I mean, alot. More than Vista, and LOTS more than XP. If you are running an old computer which has been "updated" to Windows 7, you were often better off staying with XP.

Otherwise, some older laptops don't have the correct drivers available for Windows 7. This may also be causing your issue.

However, to answer your overall question, I have found Windows 7 a rather stable operating system, in terms of how stable Windows gets... I administrate over 300 Windows 7 machines at work, and they give me very little cause for trouble. I doubt it is the operating system causing these hangs, but rather your hardware, or drivers.

If you know someone techy, or you yourself are willing to give it a go, try doing a memory check. The one thing I've had at recent which has been causing hangs and glitches has been dodgy memory. just a thought.

Good luck.



I would recommend that you go to this website and ask. They are extremely talented, easy to understand (they give you step by step and work with you through the problem) and they are very friendly. I go here for everything related to computers because im a computer noob lol. hope this helps :)

P.S click on forum and ask there


Use proper Drivers, specifically written for win 7.

Check & ensure all drivers are installed enabled & working.

Minimum RAM should be 1 GB


check for hardware

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