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That one guyThat one guy

It does it on every browser I've tried. Firefox, chrome, IE. I've tried opera and it loads the full page but it won't download the whole file. I've restarted my computer and cleared all history, cookies etc. I've been away from my computer for a couple days so I haven't added anything new.


I'm having the same problem as well. I believe we either hit the download limit and we have to wait, mediafire is temporarily down or mediafire is doing site maintenance.

I really want back because I need it for installous Ipod touch.

Jonny the Great
Jonny the Great

Same here, I was trying to download a game just now but on the Mediafire download page, a blue bar keeps flashing and no download link is shown. I think it has to do with the mediafire server. guess we'll just have to wait it out. Mediafire sucks. When it is possible i prefer Megaupload over any other file sharings sites, its much more stable and the download limit is very generous compared to 2nd-tier sites like Rapidshare. Megaupload also has none of that captcha/reCaptcha crap, and it seems to have much less waiting time for free users. Rapidshare makes you wait for 30 minutes for a gay

So use Megaupload. It's simply the best!


Doing the same for me in IE and Firefox. >.<

Tech support & FAQ says nothing of course.

Come on Mediafire, I need this Minecraft mod!!!!!

Jesse Swift
Jesse Swift

Same thing has been happening to me all day! I want stuff! haha hope the first guy was right.

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