How do I turn off Ubuntu fancy graphics in 11.04?

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This is no rocket science question...

I use to use ubuntu 10.10

then I saw 11.04.. ooohh goddie :) I thought

I don't know what the technical term for this (I'm sorry ahead of time) it's where when you moved a window across the desktop, your window would move like it's being affected by physics..

I use a VNC client to remotely access and control my server

the only way it seems to work on ubuntu is if all of the fancy graphics are OFF.

my question is HOW DO I TURN IT OFF in 11.04??? I can't google it since i don't know the technical way to refer it as.. this is really pissing me off

no "Why don't you reinstall 10.10? 'cause I don't want to have to reloaded it now that i have everything set up EXACTLY the way I want it. tho it won't matter if I'm SOL

I don't like the 11.04 interface.. though as a server I rarely notice it


Change your compositing manager back to metacity. Make sure your default session is ubuntu-classic.

Marko S
Marko S

You can install the Unity 2D desktop from the software repositories, it doesn't have the fancy effects.

Or you can choose the Classic Gnome desktop from your login screen.

  Oh yeah
  Oh yeah

I think you are talking about wobbly windows.

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