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I bought an Acer Aspire 4732Z on January 11th 2011. I had to have it repaired less than a month ago because of a faulty hard drive and the laptop would not boot up. Since it has been returned to me I can not get the DVD/CD drive working, I put in a DVD (one that has not been burnt) and it does not even recognise the disc being in the drive. Sometimes every now and then it begins to work out of nowhere and then it stops working again. I click to play the disc using any media player and it just says please insert disc, this computer is driving me crazy. It goes from one problem to another, is there anyway this can be fixed or am I going to have to send it back to Acer (again) to have it repaired? At first when I tried playing a disc Windows Media Player said it didn't have the proper codecs to play, I have installed a complete codecs pack but that doesn't seem to be the problem. It's the fact that the disc isn't even being read when inserted, the drive loads like it knows something is in there but then stops and doesn't read the disc.

Thanks, any answers at all would be appreciated.

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