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...would you purchase a remote support service?

Remote Support consists in someone taking control of your PC remotely, with your permission, and fixes problems related to software.


I work for a company that has a remote support service; when something goes wrong with my machine, I open up a program and they can jump right into my machine. They check stuff out, fix it, and all is well. But it's their machine and the company technician, so we're all on the same side.

If you're talking about buying support from a company, how do you know how skilled they are - that they know YOUR machine versus another operating system. How do you know that they're not going to snoop around your files? How do you know they're not going to make it worse?

Remote support is a great tool if the people providing the support know what they are doing. It makes life way easier for them and at a lower price. The question is: how do you know who you can trust?


Personally, I would not purchase a remote support service. Of course, I almost always know more than any support person I've talked to (via phone or email for work or home).

Unless the support is with a very reputable company, I would not advise anyone to do this. There are too many security and privacy concerns.

If you have critical data on the computer, do not have backups, and can't get to the data on the computer, it might be worth it to try using such a service. Of course, it's unlikely they could even connect if your computer is having that major a problem.

Sandy G
Sandy G

Subscribing to a remote service still leaves you hanging when the operating system will not boot. The support service has no option other than reinstalling from scratch. Hands on can often recover a system that will not boot - or at least some of the documents.


Sorry I am not able to give your answer

Gopinath M
Gopinath M

No... i try to fix it on my own!!!!

can't let any one mess up wit my sys!!!

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