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Mega BeeMega Bee

I must say im a total newbie to linux OS so i got a lot of questions such as how to do this and how to do that.

atm im trying to set up an internet connection on kubuntu 10.10

and i need to install this internet lan driver and im in the stage where its required to type in the following command to unpack the tarball :

tar vjxf

and i cant figure out what these aaa and bb mean, it must be some target path for unpacking archive or something.

Can anyone help me and at least give me a hint about what it could be.

thank you.

  Oh yeah
  Oh yeah

Just right-click on the tarball and select "Extract Archive Here"


You are looking into the command too much.

tar vjxf is the command to extract the tarball, and the rest is just the name + the extension of the archive.Š

David Perry-sr.
David Perry-sr.

I tend to question people who are new to Linux as to why they are using console commands when Linux has a package management program called Synaptic or has the software center for installing programs, files and drivers for the operating system.

I use two different Linux distributions, because I do not have to install anything. It is automatically found and installed for me. All I have to do is add the software I want if it's not included. The one that is Ubuntu base and combined with different Ubuntu distributions is Pinguy Linux, ready to run right out of the box so to speak, the other is PCLinuxOS (Mandriva based) because it includes root access.

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